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Nic Catzavelos, the brother of Adam, opens up about how his business and family life have completely changed since the video went viral.


In a heartbreaking interview, Nic Catzavelos, the brother of Adam Catzavelos, opened up on the Eusebius McKaiser Show on Radio 702 on Monday about how his life and families lives have changed since the video went viral.

Adam caused a massive uproar when a video of him using the k-word went viral last week. In the video, Adam records himself at an overseas holiday spot saying: “Not one k****r in sight, f**king heaven on earth… You cannot beat this!”

Nic, who is seven years older than Adam, said he was “horrified and shocked” when he first saw the video, calling it “disturbing”. He says that it has been a difficult time for the entire family, and employees of the business.

The family business and family members have been under attack since the video, most of the family have gone into hiding after receiving death threats.

“This week while I was at my dad’s house the telephone rang. When dad answered the person on the other end said he was coming to kill him,” said Adam’s elder brother, Nic.

“We are terrified. I have never been afraid living in my country before. Now when I walk to my mother’s house 800m away from my home, I look over my shoulder. We are living in fear.”

Speaking to McKaiser, Nic said he had been disturbed and embarrassed by his brother’s actions.

The interview is incredibly important as it shows a human side to the entire story and many listeners tweeted and commented during the show that they sympathise with the family.

Melissa Laing commented: “Nick looks genuine, this whole situation is unfortunate for him, his family and their employees.”

Lorraine Scholtz posted: “Nick is fighting for his employees and family. Nick is not Adam.”

Robi Simao said: “Nick is there to prove to us, that although we all from same family end of the day we are all individuals with different personality traits. Adam is an adult and must face the music alone…”

Sinegugu Mlangeni added: “Nic looks like he has not slept for days. My heart bleeds for me. He is so brave for doing this interview.”

Abongile Mgqada said: “This is so sad for all parties affected, the family, business employees, this poor man who now has to answer these uncomfortable questions.”

Watch the interview below:

Sources: Radio 702 | Times Live
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