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A South African living in the UK took to social media to share some hope after the London attacks.


At least seven people were killed and dozens more wounded, including 21 who remained in critical condition, as the men sped across London Bridge in a white van, ramming numerous pedestrians before emerging with large hunting knives for a rampage in the capital’s Borough Market, a crowded nightspot.

In a matter of minutes, the three assailants were chased down by eight armed officers who fired about 50 rounds, killing the men, who wore what appeared to be suicide vests but subsequently proved to be fake. One member of the public also sustained nonfatal gunshot wounds, the police said.

Tracey Stanton, a South African living in the UK took to Facebook to share an open letter to Londoners. This is what she had to say…

We are going to Borough Market in 2 weeks time with my sister as tourists… and we will be in London for 3 days determined to go and enjoy the city despite the police presence.

If we start to stay away or hide away, we will just be living in another country with houses full of scared people with burglar bars and electric fences, petrified to go into the cities.

I have lived through a reign of terror when I was growing up, hearing gunshots in the night and waking to the news of bombs in restaurants or shopping centres.

In 1997, 20 years ago this year, 2 gunmen held us up at our home, terrorized us, and almost killed my family in front of me. I watched them gun down my sons father and take my son. We all luckily survived, but the terror we have lived with since then has not left any of us.


I certainly did not come all this way and sacrifice so much in my life to be hiding away again! The fear has consumed me. But I will not let it happen again here!

As South Africans we have seen this all before. The perpetrators may be slightly different or have a different agenda but the outcome was the same. Terrorize people into submission!

All I can say, is do not change the way we live our lives. Keep doing what you love.

Don’t cancel your concerts, don’t cancel holiday plans and don’t stay away from the things you always do. Go shopping. Go into crowded places.

Do not lock yourself away.

Wishing everyone involved in last night’s events peace of mind, and the victims and their families thoughts of love and strength to get through this sad and difficult time.

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