Social media users have voiced their anger about a news site ‘propagating’ racism. The site has been accused of trying to constantly divide the nation.


News24 posted a story yesterday, titled ‘Blacks are cockroaches – Facebook racist’ but the article has invoked a very different response than expected.

South African news sites saw a massive rise of articles in 2016, exposing people for posting racist remarks on various social media platforms but it seems users are not standing for it in 2017.

All the users agree that racism is terrible and many have said that we need to work together to eradicate it but they also have voiced their anger at the fact that the posts are being “propagated” by news sites.

Hundreds of comments have been left calling the news site out on the post with many users accusing the site of ‘dividing’ the nation.

Julian Pillay posted: “It’s so great to see everyone is actually against this article! Start of 2016 was already a rollercoaster, we DONT need this in 2017! Stop dividing our beloved country!”

Irnest Schultz added: “Thank all of you posting a positive attitude against this idiots racist slurr. You are truly better than that idiot. That said, I have been saying this for a while now, the journalism at news24 is shockingly horrific these days. If they do not write absolute non relative articles, they write some crap to cause controversy.”

Melanie Pretorius said: “I read the comments and most of them are so positive and condemn news 24 for promoting hate. I am proudly south african today. Happy new year my brothers and sisters.”

Oscar Vhakido Munyadziwa commented: “So why are you publishing it. To make them famous or to create futhur racial divisions? What’s up with media; politicians and Zuma. Always a thorn on our butts!!”

Dalton McSarcasm Oepeng added: “The best response would have been to ignore his prejudiced verbal flatulence. U give it publicity it grows wings to fly. Treat it like fire…u starve it of oxygen and it fizzles out and die!”

Thato Naomi Nyathela posted: “News24 we are still celebrating our Black sisters and brothers whom against all odds passed their matric we don’t need any negativity from dumb people like this racist. you just couldn’t wait to spoil our happiness. post more positive news about the results”

Mxolisi Lott Ngwenya added: “This news24 is also racist I’m sure they are working for ANC, we won’t be divided as a rainbow nations if that’s what you want stupid journalist”

Viola Malan commented: “News 24 so you go trolling on every fb page and see what you can get to rev up the peoples moods. If we dont know it by know we will never know. You get racists in every color. And i am not taking side here. We are 5 days into the New Year. And now this again!!! Stop using this sh!t to divide people and start a stir!!! Is there absolutely no good news for a day!!!”

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