The most incredible global project by a Turkish travel photographer called “You Are So Beautiful” is making everyone smile…


He tells the interesting people he meets on his world travels that they’re beautiful and then captures their responses.

An unexpected compliment can make someone’s day, so it’s a wonder why we don’t give them more often. Photographer Rotasız Seyyah, however, is changing this one person at a time.

Mehmet Genç is professional photographer from Turkey. His sudo-name is ‘Rotasız Seyyah’ on the internet. It means ‘nomad travels without making any route’.

He has been travelling around the world since 2012 and he started his last journey in December 2014.

He’s in the midst of a 1,001-day journey across the globe, working on a simple-yet-endearing project along the way. Called You Are So Beautiful, the series documents the moment Seyyah meets a stranger and tells them they are “very beautiful.”

Every individual has two photos snapped of them—one before they receive the kind remark and another after hearing it.

These are some of our favorites…

you-are-so-beautiful-02 you-are-so-beautiful-03 you-are-so-beautiful-04 you-are-so-beautiful-05 you-are-so-beautiful-06 you-are-so-beautiful-07 you-are-so-beautiful-08 you-are-so-beautiful-09 you-are-so-beautiful-010 you-are-so-beautiful-012 you-are-so-beautiful-013

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Sources: Rotasız Seyyah

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