Dove Racist

The Dove campaign that’s causing waves on social media has affected people across the world. SA won’t stand for it either and joined the boycott challenge.


Yesterday we shared a story about Dove and how they should learn from their marketing oopsie. Dawn Mann, Owner and Chief Creative Officer at Break of Day Design AD & PR, LLC took to Facebook to highlight that the company needed more than the public boycotting them, they need education!

Since the advert was seen, people across the world have been discussing boycotting the products, voicing their concerns and throwing away any dove products in their homes.

It is no surprise that South Africans would jump on board and become the funniest tweeters on the web! The #DoveChallenge was born and it pokes fun at the brand and the advert.

People are posting “before and after” pictures of themselves showing how the products have made them lighter. Obviously it isn’t real and mostly they just have filters over their pictures. See the new Twitter challenge below.

An American woman created a funny video showing how using the brand changed her life on a daily basis. Watch it below.

They even brought in Michelle Obama and the current standing first lady of America!

We are all for people expressing their thoughts and opinions but there are two things we would just like to remind everyone about this scandal.

Firstly many South Africans are confused about the origin of the advert. It was not a South African concept or production. The ad came from the international Dove offices.

Secondly and lastly, when purging your home of products please remember to think of the environment and recycle your plastics. Also, avoid dumping large amounts of the product down your drains. We understand many people are angry and want to purge the goods but maybe you could pass them along to people in need instead of wasting?

Sources: Twitter
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