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SANRAL have released a “Public Service Announcement” with advice to avoid rock throwing on highways but the internet can’t keep a straight face.


South Africa has been caught in the grips of a new crime phenomena of rocks being thrown off bridges to get cars to stop.

Gauteng has become the latest province to fall victim to rock throwers, and Joburg motorists were on Tuesday cautioned to remain vigilant when travelling. This comes days after two motorists reportedly fell victim to rock throwing incidents while driving on the N1 South Highway in the Midrand area.

Joburg Metro Police Department’s Edna Mamonyane confirmed that JMPD was aware of numerous rock throwing incidents happening across the city.

“The perpetrators often stand on pedestrian bridges or in well-hidden areas, making it hard to catch them. These people usually throw rocks as a way to get motorists to stop and then rob them of any valuables in the car.”

There are many things you could do to avoid a situation like this and SANRAL have released a video to give advice on what they believe are some of the best ways to stay safe.

Their short video was posted to their Facebook page and shows a bridge (that could be mistaken for an e-toll gantry) with three tips to avoid rock throwing:

  • Avoid Driving in the Evenings
  • Be aware of the hot spots
  • Drive with Caution when approaching pedestrian bridges

You can check out their “PSA” below:

The internet have replied with thousands of “laughing” reactions and left some very interesting comments:

Sharief Mitchell commented: “Effing idiots starts throwing rocks at cars for the fun of it and SANRAL’s solution is basically ” don’t drive when they are throwing ” lol”

Jeremy John Bee added: “And while you guys are flirting with useless info – ‘Don’t swim across the Serengeti wearing a speedo … the crocs will get you’.”

Grant Stockdale said: “SANFAIL … always making it your problem !!!!”

Cedrick Moelefe posted: “Clearly you’re as bad at giving “tips” as you are at managing our roads. Maybe its time to give up both?”

While some users offered SANRAIL some of their own advise:

Steve Schormann said: “Law enforcement, cctv and better designed and managed roads, not recommending people do not travel at night!”

Carmel Rawhani-du Plessis added: “could the police keep an eye on hotspots instead of telling people not to use the road and live in terror?”

Annie Sieber commented: “How about you station a couple of cops at the hot spots and leave us free to drive when we need to be on the road and not when rock throwers allow us to?”

Blacky Swart posted: “Why did you build bridges across highways and not subways…. can’t throw rocks from subway”

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