No thank you! South Africans hit back after US Green Card call to ‘escape SA’s uncertainty’


South Africans are telling an American Green Card company trying to capitalise on the current state of the South Africa, to go get stuffed.


Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding the resignation of President Jacob Zuma recently took to social media and the streets in pickets, marches and human chains across South Africa and the world in the last couple of weeks.

Many were protesting for the first time ever in civil action sparked by Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle, which saw the finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas fired. The rand fell against the US dollar and S&P and Fitch downgraded the country’s credit ratings to “junk status”.

Companies like Global USA Green Card have been trying to capitalize on the current state of the nation by inciting South Africans to “escape SA’s uncertainty now” by applying for a Green Card.

“Don’t let Zuma bring you down!,” the post reads…

But South Africans are not buying it for a single second. The post has been inundated with comments telling the company off for trying to use cheap tactics.

From the logical reasoning that Trump is a much worse leader than Zuma could ever be, to the firmly patriotic posts about remaining in a country they were born in, here are some comments showing how Saffas rallied against Global USA Green Card’s post:

Paul Paul posted: “We don’t run, we will fight right here. This is our Continent, our Country if we have to migrate it will b because of adventure not fear. We will work until we get better, tnx for the offer but only when we r set free.”

Eddie Coetzer said: “No thank you. This is my country. Born and bred here, and here I will stay and fight whatever, in order for my children to stay here as well. And my grand children. The Americans will soon want to come here. Zuma and the likes of him wont get rid of the likes of me.”

Ross van den Heever added: “Lets see now run way from South Africa to a country that is about to be nuked by all the countries they have pissed off over the last few years, that forces you to be vaccinated, that locks you up for harvesting water or growing your own food… No thanks i enjoy my freedom.”

Nadia Fortune commented: “South Africa is a place where we were born and will die, no matter the current situation, for me, Cape Town is where I will close my eyes. We must not condemn those who choose to leave,they have their reasons and its by choice but so many of those who have left,in all honesty,will tell you that their hearts are still here cause the roots are firmly grounded in African soil so thanks but no thanks.”

Chris Nowlan added: “I just scrolled down and read a bunch of comments. Every one is strongly on the stay in South Africa side. This makes me proud and happy people are committed to see things through and not run away.”

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  1. Avril

    June 23, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    After 8 years of the worst president our country has had you feel that our president is a disgrace and about to start WW3!!! Rather intelligent of you to believe all the ‘fake’ news you have been fed. We the people have voted him in to clean up the mess and corruption in Washington. Obama was an abomination tour our country and has divided it like no other president in our history! Educate yourself to the truth(which might hurt) before you pen your opinions gathered from sources that continue to spew untruths about our president!!!!

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