Community members at a Mall in Soweto caught an ATM fraudster in action and decided to keep him ‘occupied’ while they waited for the police to arrive.


The Intelligence Bureau uploaded a video from the Protea Gardens Mall in Soweto where a group of very angry shoppers were keeping an ATM fraudster ‘occupied’ while waiting for police to arrive.

The community apparently caught the fraudster red-handed skimming cards and stealing money. They had called the police but the fraudster ran to his car and tried to drive away.

The shoppers, who were outraged that someone was trying to steal their hard earned money, were not having any of that and flipped the car on its roof to stop the alleged criminal from getting away.

The crowd became more agitated and angry about the situation but the police arrived just at the right time to arrest him and calm the community down.

The video uploaded shows the very angry crowd flipping the car but ends just as police apparently arrived.

Watch the video below:

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Sources:  Intelligence Bureau SA

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