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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA along with all SPCA country wide are opposed to the use of fireworks and do not believe that they have any place or relevance in our animal community.


The SPCA do not condone the use of fireworks in any shape or form and despite the City of Cape Town having designated sites where fireworks are discharged – there is untold suffering experienced by animals in these nearby communities.

The enforcement and prosecution of indiscriminate discharge of fireworks is also lacking.

It has become increasingly evident that reckless individuals are using fireworks in a particularly anti-social manner. This includes ignoring any restrictions placed on firework usage by authorities and causing damage to property as well as terrifying communities and animals.

Every year, The Cape of Good Hope SPCA witnesses the carnage that results from celebrations where fireworks are discharged.

Animals are severely injured in their panic to escape the noise and often run through glass windows, become impaled on palisade fencing or become the victims of motor vehicle accidents.

“We’ve seen chained dogs hang themselves when they try to scale the wall into a neighbouring garden and dogs with horrendous injuries after “fetching” fireworks that have been lit and tossed.”

Some individuals find it amusing to attach crackers to animals or even to throw them directly at them. Historically, the effects of New Year’s Eve Celebrations will still be felt in the days and weeks to follow and we generally experience as much as a 38% increase in the admission of stray animals during this time.

“We say ENOUGH! We say there is no entertainment worth the suffering of an animal and we ask the public to join us in petitioning The Honourable Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille to end the public use of fireworks before the 31st of December 2017!”

Visit the Website by clicking here and spend 2 minutes sparing animals a great deal of suffering this Old Year’s Eve.

Sources: SPCA
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