Five supervillains walk into a bar. The story pretty much stops there. No, there’s no punchline.

There were plenty of reasons to believe that Warner Brothers had found a winning formula, and that director David Ayer could turn out a film that would make the hearts of DC fans spill over with joy.

Suicide Squad will go down as one of the most promising and most infuriating films of the year, and possibly the worst movie of all time, in the superhero genre. It’s a not a film you can easily dismiss because there’s plenty of potential at every turn.

But by the same token, that potential is constantly trampled by atrocious editing, haphazard storytelling, and tonal inconsistency that make for a maddening experience.

The first trailer got us all excited but thats about where it all ended. Suicide Squad’s methodical release of engaging trailers, perfectly scored clips and wacky on-set anecdotes have had fans salivating for the supervillain movie for a good year.

But then it was released… and it seems that we were all incredibly disappointed.

Mashable have called the movie the most disappointing of all time…

“To call Suicide Squad a disappointment would be an affront to your intelligence. It may in fact be the most disappointing movie of all time. It could go down as The Disappointment. I don’t know if WB’s marketing and publicity executives deserve a raise or if its DCU brain trust should be fed to Killer Croc.”

Forbes point out the post production challenges…

“The majority of the film is such a slog of “anti-heroes shooting at CGI blobs” and “anti-heroes slowly walking through a deserted cityscape” that you almost look forward to Leto’s periodic Swiper-like appearances just for the change in scenery. The film is clearly a victim of post-production tinkering and reshoots.”

Rolling Stone have given it a new title…

“The walking dead aren’t the only clichés that eat away at the potential in this material. Superfreaks become supersweeties and Suicide Squad: Dawn of Dullness (my subtitle) does the impossible. Forget Batman v Superman — at least it tried. This botch job makes Fantastic Four look good.”

New York Post slated the movie too…

“Suicide Squad isn’t a movie — it’s a two-hour trailer, a demolition derby of barely explained action and droll quips. …The question isn’t whether Suicide Squad is as good as The Avengers, but whether it’s as bad as Green Lantern.”

And GQ just call it a plain disaster…

“Here’s the first thing you should know about Suicide Squad: It is definitely worse than Batman v Superman. If you didn’t like that, there’s no reason to see this. If you did… well, there’s still not really a reason to see this.”

In the end, even Suicide Squad seems to acknowledge the uselessness of Suicide Squad.

A mid-credits scene reveals that Bruce Wayne is hunting for metahumans like Aquaman and The Flash—which happens to be exactly what he was doing at the end of Batman v. Superman.

At the end of Suicide Squad, the government has unleashed a bunch of supervillains, the world was almost destroyed, and the Joker is still out there somewhere… and Batman clearly doesn’t care.

Maybe we should have followed his lead.

Where’s the good thing here you may ask? Well, we may have just saved you a bit of money on the ticket & popcorn.

Rather wait for this one to be a MNET 8pm Sunday movie… if it makes it there.

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