Local retailer absorbs #PinkTax so women get affordable sanitary pads

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Shoprite has introduced the first tax-free sanitary pads into the market to help relieve the burden of expensive necessities like pads and tampons


Calls to abolish VAT of sanitary products have been plentiful and one retailer has finally stepped up to the plate to make a difference. While this fix is a simple one, it still needs to be adopted by those responsible for selecting the zero-rated VAT items. This way, the change can be felt at a national level for women everywhere and not just women that shop at Shoprite.

In April this year, after VAT was pushed up to 15%, a team was assembled to review the zero-rated VAT list and pick new items to add to the list. There was a deafening cry for sanitary products to be added to the list.

A list of 8 items was said to be considered and sanitary products were not there but our reader took part in a poll and it was evident that this is an important ask. Women spend scary amounts of money on a monthly basis just to deal with something that is as regular as breathing!

What is Pink Tax?

Pink Tax is the name that has been given to items sold in stores, directly marketed at women, that often have a higher price tag than the very same items being marketed at men. For example, a blue disposable razor is a few rands cheaper than a pink disposable razor.

There has been a Facebook post showing the difference in prices right here in South Africa, if you have not seen it, take a look here.

Shoprite recently announced that they would be absorbing the pink tax, which they have also called tampon tax, on one of their sanitary pad brands. They have taken the price that it would be without VAT and reworked it (still paying the VAT but dropping their profit margin to work it in).

Now the price is remarkably lower than before and could very well be the difference a young girl needs to get to school during her period.

This is good news, we are one step closer to making a real difference and it is great to see that a retailer is listening to its customer base and working to help. Great job Shoprite!

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