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TIME Magazine has named their Person of the Year for 2017, only this year its more than one person and more importantly it’s an incredibly important social movement!


TIME magazine had Tarana Burke in their interview to discuss the start of the #MeToo movement that saw women and men across the world coming forward to stand up and share their stories of harassment or just to say that they too had experienced something.

The movement started with a simple post and millions joined in.

“Me Too.

If all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted at any point in their lives wrote “Me Too” as a status, we might better grasp the magnitude of the problem. It is significant and serious.

Share. Copy. Paste. #MeToo”

But it wasn’t only the social media movement. Silence Breakers from every walk of life started coming forward, feeling empowered and like they would finally be heard. And we heard them! Change is on the rise, people are stepping up and excuses are becoming inexcusable.

See the cover below? Notice the cut off the person at the bottom corner of the cover? That isn’t an error, it was done intentionally. It is a woman who works in a hospital and cannot come forward because she wishes to protect her family. That woman is symbolic of every woman or man that has not yet stepped forward and that’s ok, not every person has to share their story and break their silence. The cover is symbolic of the fact that women and men are not alone in their struggles and together, we can make the difference.

Time Magazine

Watch the men and women, the silence breakers, in the emotionally moving video below.

Sources: Bored Panda
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