A video launched on Holocaust Memorial Day challenges us to think about how we can support those who face hostility today and create a safer society together.


The video was launched to address not only the heartbreaking events from the past but also the discrimination and persecution that takes place in today’s society. Every year the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust sets a theme for the event and champions it, this year “How can life go on?”, champions tolerance and fights discrimination.

The Holocaust Memorial day is designed not only to support victims of the horrors of Nazi persecution and the Holocaust but also the victims of genocide in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur. Creating support for all victims, helping to process the loss felt in the aftermath and how to rebuild life again.

In the video you see how even when people bully and intimidate a person, there is always another person who is willing to stand up and support the victim.

Bea Green shares her holocaust story as she narrates the video. What she says is powerful and thought provoking! It’s something we can all put into practice in our daily lives.

“You need social courage, social courage means taking responsibility, not just for yourself in society, but also for others”

“You know that we all feel responsible for each other” “Can that be taught?… I don’t know!” “I think its by example rather than through a book”\

The message of the video is that we should all be kind to one another, support and stand up for those people who sometimes cannot do so for themselves and help as often as possible.

That’s what 2017 should stand for, society working together for change. If we all stand against the persecution of our fellow human’s we can make a huge difference. We can build a strong loving society and that is how life can go on!


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Sources: YouTube / HMD

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