We're Halfway Through The Year - Looking Back While Looking Forward!
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Despite the challenging events and negative news in South Africa, there are also numerous positive stories of resilience, compassion, and achievements by individuals and communities that deserve recognition and celebration.


Johannesburg, South Africa (01 July 2023) – It’s the first of July! We’re halfway through the bladdy year!!! It’s like “humpday” for the months and today we start the lekker road trip to Dezemba vibes (which we all know actually starts in November).

Oh, and Gretha can buy rotisserie chickens again today. YAY for her.

But good grief, what a year it has been.

We started the year with floods, fires, tigers on the loose and an ongoing war that our government might allegedly be giving weapons to. Poland was having none of that.

And then there was the tragic news of AKA – who was 1 of 73 people murdered that day. This is our current daily murder rate in South Africa. Violent, unnecessary and incredibly heartbreaking. We also tragically lost Charlbi Kriek, Riky Rick, Mark Pilgrim, Kuli Roberts and Eusebius McKaiser.

In the third month, the government deployed the military to stop a nationwide “march” that only consisted of a handful of people.

Everybody is so creative.

An International journalist visited our country and wrote an open-hate letter to the world to never visit us. Chat GPT became a thing and we were all worried about our jobs until we realised that it needed the correct prompts… and let’s be honest, client briefs can sometimes be a little messy. I think we’re okay for the next couple of years. Although driverless taxis are now a thing in 3 States in America. Add 10 more to that number and you’ll have the amount of States that are now publicly discriminating against the LGBT community.

Welcome to “twenty-twenty-free”.

Locally, we had that ridiculously absurd Thabo Bester story, the Cholera outbreak and this year we celebrated Loadshedding’s “sweet 16” by turning off the power more than any other year. Although that seems to have stopped… for now.

Let’s celebrate the small wins.

There was an earthquake in Jozi, we have no idea how many more couches might have money in them, Zuma is still walking free and we still haven’t found the 10 babies.

And that’s just the stuff I remember off-hand.

Jussie, it does feel like a lot.

But I’m here to remind you that there is another side to all our news. There is another narrative.

At the beginning of 2023, a little girl went viral for playing the piano in a Cape Town Mall and got an International contract. Two South African restaurants were named on the “Best Pizzas in the World” list. A traffic officer went viral for soothing a baby while “just getting on with her job” and a group of police officers were all over the news for buying families food with their own money.

Meanwhile, Dr Sooliman and the Gift of the Givers keep doing the most.

Kirsten Landman was named a “Hero of Dakar”. Tom Cruise stood on a global stage and spoke about how incredible South Africa and South Africans are. A woman went viral for helping a homeless man with a shower and shave… and he returned a few days later to give her a box of chocolates that he had bought with the little money he had. Another woman helped a man – who was standing at the robots – get enough donations to send his child to fashion school. And we had a trio of South Africans who won a Grammy.

Kevin Hart also released an Afrikaans movie called “Die Hart”.

We had so many flipping amazing South Africans on global talent shows flying our flag! An 82-year-old man told his story about how he fixes potholes in his free time (every single day). South Africa rallied together to give a mom and her two kids a new start in life. Another South African received a Michelin Star. Kirsten Neuschäfer, a South African sailor from Gqeberha, made history by becoming the first woman to win the Golden Globe Race. And remember when we renamed Eskom Megawatt Park to MegaGravy Train Park, and Luthuli House to Lootfreely House?

Just last week, a Limpopo man is now modelling on Luis Vitton’s runway, stories keep pouring out of the Comrades, giving us all the feels and a family returned to SA after 11 years of being away reminding us all why we love this place so damn much.

And then there were the millions of South Africans who spent their time feeding families, helping uplift communities, looking after animals, helping the sick, healing the hurt, protecting the weak and fixing the broken.

So many people spending all their time, energy and effort doing the most for South Africa.

The helpers. The healers. The heroes.

Ja, there’s a lot going on in South Africa but it’s not all bad. There are good things all around us, happening every single day.

We just have to look for them… and celebrate them.

As we head into the last half of the year, I hope you find the good things. I hope you see moments of magnificence that remind you that it’s not all bad, that good people exist and that where there is hope, there is possibility.

Happy first day of July! Enjoy the chicken Gretha.

Okay. Love you. Bye.

Sources: Brent Lindeque | Good Things Guy
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