World's biggest idiot drive safe campaign

A new shocking campaign to inspire road safety called ‘The World’s Biggest Idiot’ has been launched by the Western Cape Government.


Crafted as a Vlogger upload and named to attract the attention of YouTubers, ‘The World’s Biggest Idiot’ aims to draw the viewer in with a performance similar to that of Lance210 but finishes more tragically than his vines.

The video has already had over 100 000 views and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Its intention is to remind younger drivers to guard against distractions when travelling in motor cars or other vehicles.

The commercial was created by Mike Barnwell (executive creative director), Dylan Davies (art director) and Alistair Morgan (copywriter). It was directed by Jason Fialkov.

Watch the video below:

The video was uploaded to YouTube using only the title “The World’s Biggest Idiot?” and not much other information which has started the exact online conversations, that the campaign had hoped for.

“The fact that none of us here are even sure whether this is real or not is extremely upsetting. I hope its not real otherwise this is extremely upsetting and extremely disrespectful to the victims and their family, as for using it as a public safety campaign at their expense especially with no indication of whether this is real or a reenactment? Are they even ok? Did they die? Do you even care?? My God, I understand raising public awareness but WTF! And then to label them as the world biggest idiots? WOW!!!!!!! What the actual f*&k!!!!! I understand this is showing what really happens in real life, but seeing someone hurt or even dying is not what I look forward to in a Youtube Ad. There’s a reason we watch movies and not real life videos of people dying or getting hurt, its a thin line and you have crossed that line. Bloody hell.”

According to FCB Cape Town, Safely Home’s #ItCanWait “No Text or Call is Worth Your Life” message in 2017 used a fail video compilation and went viral, topping 83 million views worldwide.

For more information, visit You can also follow FCB Cape Town on Facebook or on Twitter.

Sources: YouTube
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