Zuma Step Down

As we approach Freedom Day in South Africa, Rubber Duc have joined the millions of voices in asking South Africa to Rise & Zuma to step down.

The proposition to impeach Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s much criticised president, reflects broader, rising public discontent with the ruling African National Congress’s senior leadership, a widening democratic deficit and steadily deteriorating economic conditions.

Freedom Day, the anniversary of South Africa’s first democratic election will be commemorated by “Zuma Must Go” protests.

The day may be earmarked with protests against Zuma but it is also an opportunity for South African to Rise.

As many South Africans add their voices asking Zuma to Step down, Rubber Duc have created something that may become our anthem.

Zuma Step Down

The situation in South Africa lately has acted as a call to action across our nation – it has become impossible to ignore.

“Many people who have previously been content to limit their involvement to comments around the braai, chisa nyama or barbeque, have been inspired to act. They are standing up and being counted, and so are we!”

“We are musicians. We have to use the gifts we have been given to make our voices heard, so we write, sing and perform to make a difference!” Nick Jordaan

#Stepdown is inspired by all the beautiful, passionate, brave and courageous people of our beloved country.

This song is PRO South Africa. It is PRO Change.PRO Unity. PRO our progressive Constitution.

We were humbled and amazed by the amount of people who volunteered to participate in this project! It made us proud to be South African. This video reflects our pride in our country and the vibrant people who live in it!

The Lyrics speak to all of us.

Hold your horses dear, the tumbleweed is rolling in and the wind ain’t gonna run this time of year. So feel the reigns, hold on tight, we’re leaving with the storm. In this place a young visionary was born.

Who’s the healer here? To heal the souls on this rocky road, oh the crows are gonna come, this time of year. So fix this trail, choose your side, we’re riding with the storm. On this road a young visionary was born.

Zuma… Step down.

All that we are has given us something. It’s in the way we know we’re not nothing. All that we are has given us… All that we are has given us… 

We are waiting, waiting for something…

Who is the visionary we sing about? We all are! #BeTheChange

Watch it here:

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