12-Year-Old South African Inspires with 'Imagine Everything'
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Imaan, a 12-year-old South African, is on a mission to inspire and empower teens with her Instagram channel “Imagine Everything” and her affirmations bands, promoting kindness and positivity.


Johannesburg, South Africa (26 October 2023) – A young South African with a mission to spread positivity and kindness is doing the most! Meet Imaan Ebrahim, a 12-year-old dynamo who recently launched her Instagram channel, “Imagine Everything.”

We had the privilege of sitting down with Imaan to discuss her inspiring journey.

Imaan’s journey began with a simple yet profound desire: to harness the power of positivity and make a difference. She believes that by doing so, she can empower others, especially her fellow teenagers, to navigate the challenges of growing up with confidence and kindness. Her overarching goal is to create a brighter and more positive world, where everyone feels supported and empowered.

Imaan’s “Imagine Everything” is a haven for teens and tweens seeking motivation and inspiration. While her channel is relatively new, her vision is clear. She intends to share motivational and inspiring stories, and videos that encourage self-belief, confidence, and kindness. She delves into topics like daily challenges, school life, and maintaining positive friendships. Not stopping there, she also explores the lives of individuals making a positive difference in the world and offers tips for staying physically and mentally healthy. And of course, there’s plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

12-Year-Old South African Inspires with 'Imagine Everything'
Photo Cred: Imaan Ebrahim | Supplied

Affirmation Bands: A Daily Dose of Positivity

One of Imaan’s ambitious ventures involves merchandise, specifically her affirmation bands. These bands serve as a wearable reminder of positive affirmations. They’re designed to uplift the wearer, whether in times of self-doubt or as a daily dose of motivation.

Imaan discovered the power of affirmations through her mother’s daily routine. Initially sceptical, she observed her mother repeating phrases like “I am beautiful” and “I love myself.” Intrigued, Imaan began her journey into affirmations, realizing the incredible impact they had on her self-confidence and overall well-being. In fact, one of her affirmations, “I am kind,” even helped her improve her relationship with her younger brother.

Imaan selected a set of affirmations that resonated with her, and she believes will benefit others:

  • I am capable of learning and growing every day.
  • I am unique and special just the way I am.
  • I choose to be kind and make a positive impact on others.
  • I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • I am resilient and can overcome challenges.
  • I am grateful for the people and opportunities in my life.
  • I take care of my physical and mental health.
  • I am responsible and make good choices.
  • I embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how you can get your hands on these affirmation bands. Imaan has big plans to distribute them in schools, but it’s no easy feat. She’s in the process of finalizing packaging and has encountered some initial challenges in getting responses from schools. Nevertheless, her determination is unwavering, and she plans to personally approach schools and principals to introduce her idea.

Imaan’s long-term vision for “Imagine Everything” is all about spreading positivity like wildfire among teens. She envisions her platform as a go-to destination for young people, a place to find daily encouragement, connect with others, and share their stories. Her dream is to see “Imagine Everything” making a significant impact, helping teens build self-esteem, form strong friendships, and approach life’s challenges with a positive mindset.

12-Year-Old South African Inspires with 'Imagine Everything'
Photo Cred: Imaan Ebrahim | Supplied

So, how can you support Imaan’s mission to inspire tweens and promote positivity and kindness?

It’s simple. Join in on the positivity, spread kindness, and share “Imagine Everything” with your friends and family. Follow Imaan on social media and consider getting a set of her affirmation bands, because wearing a piece of positivity on your wrist is a constant reminder to be kind, confident, and amazing.

Imaan has a message for the teens reading this: You are capable of amazing things. Embrace your uniqueness, be kind, and believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to dream big, work hard, and stay true to who you are. If you ever need an extra boost of positivity, Imaan and “Imagine Everything” are here to remind you of your awesomeness. Keep spreading kindness and chasing your dreams, because together, we can make the world a better place.

In a world where positivity is needed more than ever, Imaan and “Imagine Everything” are shining a beacon of light. It’s heartwarming to see young individuals like Imaan take the initiative to inspire others and make the world a better place, one positive affirmation at a time.

12-Year-Old South African Inspires with 'Imagine Everything'
Photo Cred: Imaan Ebrahim | Supplied

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