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A very deserving South African has just received a beautiful act of kindness reminding us all that South Africans are phenomenal human beings.

Kerri Stein, the good news girl on Cliffcentral doesn’t ask for much and is usually the person doing everything she can for others… it wouldn’t be out of place to see her literally removing her own jacket to keep someone else warm.

She received a call about two weeks ago, from Iain McGreer, a South African who owns a business called Boston Food Truck Co, he wanted to know if he could bring lunch in one of his trucks to the team at the CliffCentral studios.

They spent the next couple of weeks chatting about business and synergy and started to get to know each other better.

“During the course of the last two weeks I have been quite intrigued by his trucks and I started to ask him questions about his business and how he came to be doing what he’s doing. He briefly touched on his personal life, and told me that his Dad passed away from stomach and oesophagus cancer.”

Kerri opened up about her Dad’s story after hearing about Iain’s father. Her father also has cancer and has been fighting for the last 4 years now.

Kerri’s Aunt had passed away from breast cancer the year before her Dad was diagnosed. The family watched her fade away and the entire family were devastated at the realisation that they would be going through the same thing again, when her Dad was diagnosed.

It was also incredibly tough as he doesn’t have medical aid which means he has had no choice but to be treated at a Government Hospitals.

“Those of you that have been exposed to this kind of environment will understand that it really is not something you wish on any human being suffering from any sickness.”

Her father had to have his prostate removed, which resulted in a very long and intricate procedure.

“I remember sitting alone outside the Operating Theatre of the Charlotte Maxeke (Joburg Gen) for 9 hours, without moving, in fear of him coming out of theatre and landing up somewhere in that massive concrete building and me not being able to find him again.”

“I had actually moved the seating off the wall, and put it right in the middle of the corridor, in front of the doors so I wouldn’t miss a single movement.”

“When I saw the bed roll out with him in it, my heart sank because they were running down the corridor, one of the doctors on the bed with him almost trying to resuscitate him as we ran towards the ICU ward. They managed to stabilise and regulate his heartbeat, hooked him up to all the machines – seeing my Dad in that condition was probably the hardest thing I have experienced in my entire life.”

Kerri waited there until he woke up… that was the start of a very long road to recovery. He was in hospital for over a month, with Kerri being there day in and day out.

“By this time my baby was 5 months old already, she was the little light of his life and one of the reasons he was fighting so hard for another chance at life – she was obviously not allowed to visit him while he was in hospital.”

Kerri’s parents moved in with her so that they were all together and could assist in looking after both her Dad, and her daughter.

They requested assistance from a few places, that promised a lot and never materialised – but through all of it, they have remained positive.

“My Dad is not cancer free, he has another tumour that is growing in his groin area that needs to be removed, however, he does not want to be “butchered” (this is the term he uses after the last experience) again, so he refuses to even let the Doctors know about it when he goes for his check-ups – the bloodwork shows that he still has a high cancer cell count.”

“Over the years his teeth have deteriorated and actually just broken off, so he has a total of about 7 teeth left in his mouth – those that know about health etc. will know, that whatever goes in to your mouth lands up in your bloodstream, so if your mouth is toxic, so is the rest of your body.”

“Just this procedure alone is going to cost in the region of R60 000. It will be very painful for a few weeks, but he will be able to eat properly again – which is vitally important to fight cancer cells.”

“And then there is the tumour in his groin, which needs to be assessed / diagnosed and a procedure like this could cost well over R500 000.”

Last week Wednesday, Kerri received a message from Iain McGreer that would change her Dad’s life for the better and inspire us all to be better people.

Iain offered Kerri a Vintage car in mint condition to use in an auction to raise money for her dad.

1949 Ford Prefect

The 1949 Ford Prefect, is not only in an incredible condition but its has also been on film sets and has a vast history.

“He said I can Auction the car to raise money for my Dad and all his medical needs – in loving memory of his Dad, John McGreer (the only father he could ever have wanted, who adopted him at the age of 2 from Child Welfare) paying it forward to my Dad who is still here.”

When her Dad saw the car in their driveway the next morning, he got very emotional… not only because someone had been so generous but also because his Dad (Kerri’s grandfather) had exactly the same car and used to take him to school more than 50 years ago.

“I explained the whole story to him and how it came about that we now have a beauty of a Vintage parked in our driveway, and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing – apart from the fact that I still have not met Iain McGreer in person.”

“I have been so overwhelmed with all kinds of emotion; I don’t even know where to begin.”

The amazing act of kindness also means that Kerri wouldn’t  have to worry as much anymore, knowing that the medical side is covered and her Dad can start taking the correct medication, eating the right food and getting the medical care that he deserves.

“My parents sacrificed a lot in order to give my siblings and me a good upbringing, life has done a full circle and I will now give them the quality of life they deserve for the time they have left with us!!”

“I am just so thankful for Iain and his incredible act of kindness. I don’t think he’ll ever understand what he’s done for me and my family.”

We were just as blown away with this incredible story and love the fact that there are people in this world who share kindness and love just because they can.

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