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After ‘expat stints’ and time in other parts of the world, a local touched down back home in SA and penned why South Africa is still so amazing.


South Africa (30 May, 2023) — Absence makes the heart grow fonder in the same way it often brings the mind clarity. Just as it is with healthy space in a relationship, taking time apart from a country in the pursuit of travel or expat stunts, can open our heart’s to all the little things we were so used to, we thought we’d find them everywhere — until we don’t.

Living in South Africa often feels like being on a rollercoaster of a relationship. But, it’s one so many of us fight for, out of love. Yes, there are many fish in the sea, but as any friend going through a breakup will tell you; they’re just not the same fish.

Taking to the streets of Twitter to share what she learned after spending a lot of time overseas, Alexandria Procter shared her reasons for why South Africa is still so amazing.

An impressive young leader from Cape Town, Alexandria is an author, advocate for student housing (and the co-founder of the largest student housing platform in Africa), a board member of the National Youth Development Agency, a leading lady in tech and a director of non-profit, UVU, amongst other initiatives.

With some well-travelled perspectives in her back pocket and after some time living in the UK, here’s what Alexandria shared about why South Africa is still so amazing:

After spending considerable time in Europe and Asia, and now being in SA, here’s a couple reasons for why South Africa is amazing.

1. We have an amazing constitution and judiciary. I know the legal system is backlogged and slow, but the law itself here is one of the best in the world, of both developing and developed economies.

2. South Africans are the friendliest, most welcoming and kindest humans of any country. No contest. Can’t overstate how important this is. The coldness, aloofness and self-importance of other wealthier nations is absent here.

3. Even in winter, the climate is fantastic. It’s instant serotonin. The ceaseless grey darkness of the northern hemisphere really gets you down.

4. I was genuinely shocked by the air quality in some countries. It’s [very] bad. Remember how annoying COVID masks were? Imagine that every single day as you breathe in toxic fumes. It’s hard to grasp if you live somewhere with clean air what it’s like to not be able to escape toxic air. Clean air truly is a blessing.

5. Best customer service of anywhere in the world. This is not insignificant – everyday we are in contact with cashiers, waiters, store owners, bank telephone support, baristas, doctors, secretaries, mechanics etc. In the private sector in SA, they are polite, helpful and attentive. This is *not* what you will get elsewhere.

Some of Alexandria’s thoughts happen to be opinions other expats and tourists share too, especially when it comes to the warmth of our people.

Of SA’s service and our friendliness, this expat agreed:

“All the staff, everywhere we went, gave such good service and with a smile and a joke and just so happy to be serving us! From the shops to the restaurants to the places we stayed—just the friendliest, happiest people.”

Or this tourist who said:

“South Africans are the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. I got the best hug of my life and was treated with nothing but absolute kindness and generosity I’ve never found in the US.”

There’s a reason travellers sing SA’s praises, expats shut down ‘I told you so’s’ about SA and tourists write songs honouring Mzansi, and Alexandria’s list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sources: Twitter
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