On June 1st, 2016, for the International Children Day, Albanian Police Force and Special Forces decided to make a surprise to the children who couldn’t celebrate this day outside with their friends.

Not everyone has the ample resources to build a high-tech suit of armor or their own Batcave, or the lucky and fortunate accident of being bitten by a radioactive spider. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t make a difference in people’s lives.

Policeman, Firefighters, and EMT’s make a difference every day, but on June 1st, they decided to work their magic on a slightly larger scale (via BoredPanda). June 1st also happens to be International Children Day, where families and friends can gather outside or at each others home and enjoy the festivities.

For some children, however, that isn’t something they’re able to do, and for those kids, the Albanian Police Force and Special Forces group decided to take matters into their own hands.

They surprised the local kids by dressing up in costume as iconic superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, and Iron-Man by propelling down the sides of their buildings, handing out special badges that said: “You are our Hero!”.

Onlookers gathered at the base of the building, capturing the event on camera, and the kids seemed extremely appreciative of all the effort.

The Albanian Police Department posted a number of pictures on their Facebook page, showing Spidey wall crawling from window to window and an officer with a Batman cape and cowl interacting with the crowd.

They also captured some of the footage and put it in a Youtube video, which shows the army of Batmen waiting to ride in and surprise the kids. You can find the video posted below.

Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41a6d5422__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41ab47a9e__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41af4ec1e__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41bb941e7__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41ca6d1e2__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41e475b17__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f41e825923__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f46bcd9d07__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f419b5f0fb__880 Albanian-Police-Force-Heartwarming-Surprise-to-the-Hospitalized-Children-in-Tiranas-Pediatry-574f453ec8d48__880

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