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Rozette Botha is an amazing woman! She did the Tankwa Camino which is 256.6km long through the Karoo just to raise money for children in need!


Rozette Botha has done the incredible! She has hiked the Tankwa Camino endurance trail, which is 256.6kms, from Calvinia to Ceres. The hike goes through the Tankwa-Karoo which is the same place that Afrikaburn takes place.

Camino originates from Latin culture, it comes from the Spanish term for The Royal Road, also known as The King’s Highway, which was barren and unsuitable for donkey carts. The Tankwa Camino consists of 10 days of walking with 10 stops along the way.

Rozette did the walk to raise money for the Queen Butterfly Foundation. The Queen Butterfly Foundation focuses on making a difference in the lives of children with profound mental and physical disabilities. Rozette decided to do the walk to raise funds to help the foundation secure permanent housing.

“They do amazing work for children. The centre caters for children with severe disabilities and they are in need of funds to secure permanent premises for the centre to grow.”

“I decided I wanted to do something special”, “I fell in love with them and the centre. I have got a passion for disabled children. I had one myself”

“I decided to dedicate the hike to raise funds for the centre”

The endurance trail runs along the side of the road and the official hike managers offer a package which includes daily snacks and dinner, water and support. It is not a “walk in the park” and is definitely not for beginners. To register for the hike you do so one year in advance due to its popularity.

Rozette started this hike right after having minor surgery but pushed through it. She couldn’t give up, proving what an amazing woman she truly is! See more about the adventure or to find out about donation click here.

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Sources: Queen Butterfly Foundation / Tankwa Camino
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  1. Rozette is an amazing woman! She persisted through her health problems to complete this journey, because she knew the value of it to the Queen Butterfly foundation, and to herself. Proud of you my friend!

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