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Andrew Goodman had no idea that a small act of kindness would impact him so greatly, but when a random stranger offered to pay for his invoice when his card would not process, his faith in humanity was immediatly restored.


Johannesburg, South Africa (22 April 2021) – When Andrew Goodman couldn’t pay due to his card not processing, a retail sales consultant pulled out her own and paid his bill for him!

Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference! And perhaps this is a reminder that those differences might sometimes seem small but are actually some of the biggest acts of kindness!

Goodman had no idea that a small act of kindness would impact him so greatly, but when a random stranger offered to pay for his invoice when his card would not process, his faith in humanity was immediatly restored. The Personal Trainer shared an appreciation on ‘I Love Fourways‘ – a massive community group that has featured on ‘Good Things Guy’ many times! The post was all about customer service that went above and beyond anything that he had ever experienced and particularly with a specific store and company that it “practically floored” him.

“For over 20 years, I’ve been a customer of Vodacom, and for 20 years historically, any issues or upgrades I have done have been addressed through the Fourways Mall Vodacom store. Up until yesterday, this was a process that I would rather have chosen gargling a swarm of wasps over actually swallowing tranquillizers and going in-store to conduct the necessary.”

Historically this process has been a nightmare for Goodman.

“It takes forever, been a headache with staff disinterested and even unfamiliar with their own product offerings and again have left most times having aged and nearly suffered a coronary I’ve been delaying my current upgrade since October 2020 and in fact was going in yesterday to pretty much terminate and move to another service provider altogether.”

Upon arrival, he was met by one of the sales consultants named Leroy; Goodman says that he was unbelievably friendly, and he was= immediately ushered to his desk.

“My details were taken, my account history pulled up and reviewed and at least 5 different/new contract options offered to me – all of which were his concern to bring down my monthly spend.”

They discussed the options, a new package was chosen, and the entire process was concluded in about 12 minutes.

“As with my chosen new device (thank you, Apple), almost nothing is included, so all accessories were picked, chosen, screen protectors applied, and transactions rung up, and we were good to go.”

At the time this was all taking place, Goodman’s financial institution had sent out notifications that their banking app was offline, and when he tried to swipe his card for the additional accessories, the transactions could not be completed.

“I decided to walk to the branch in the Mall in order to draw cash, but the entire bank was offline so I couldn’t get any money. I returned to the Vodacom store and advised Leroy that I would have to come back today and complete the sale.”

It was at this point that Netty Mamabolo, one of the other consultants, came into the situation; Goodman explained that he would be back later to pay.

Mamabolo replied, “No, you won’t, we must just do this now so you can leave with your new handset.”

At this point, the sales consultant pulled out her own bank card, with another bank, happily swiped her card, paid a sizable amount, handed Goodman his device and accessories told him to have a wonderful evening!

“I’m still in shock as to how this played out. Not only was my faith in humans restored again in one single gesture, but so too was my faith in the customer service of a brand I was about to ditch completely. Her take was that she provided me with her banking details – said just do an eft when things are back online, and all would be square!

I guess it could have gone one of 3 ways; I could have paid the eft, popped in and given her cash or she could have just cancelled my line and contract.”

Goodman opted to pop back in today, square her up for her most generous and incredible gesture and leave with the biggest hug he had in a while.

“To Netty, Leroy, the team at Vodacom Fourways Mall and I guess Vodacom ultimately, with this single act, Netty saved you a client for at least the next 24months and well done on customer service I have not experienced in years!”

Sources: Andrew Goodman 
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