An incredible South African, who has dedicated her life to helping others in need, has found herself in a heartbreaking situation and South Africans are stepping up to the plate to assist her.


Beauty Mnci has dedicated her life to those in need, for many years she worked as a caretaker at The Maurice Freeman Community centre in Bertram’s. Employed by the government, her main responsibilities were to keep the centre clean and tidy.

Ever cognizant of others, the passionate South  African became aware of the many starving children in the area whose parents were either unemployed, absent/deceased or addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“Undeterred Beauty tried feeding these kids on her own meagre salary, but her resources were so limited.”

It was tragically after the funeral of a 2 year old toddler, killed by his father after being thrown into a wall for screaming for porridge, that Beauty knew she had to do more. That incredibly heartbreaking story set her off on a quest to feed the hungry, love the broken and become a haven to the abused and neglected children roaming the streets.

Beauty truly encapsulates what it means to be a mother.

The Angel Network became involved with “Bertram’s mother” and “her children” in February 2016. FeedSA also joined the initiative, providing food 365 days of the year, which Beauty uses to prepare a hot meal daily for the children.

“Divine intervention was at play the day Beauty came into our lives as she persisted from office to office in the area, requesting donations for food.”

Initially there were 40 children coming to the centre to be fed but this number has grown to over 100 little hungry mouths who visit the centre every day for a meal.

Auntie Beauty, as she is lovingly called, provides a safe space, where the kids love spending time as she cooks, arranges bible studies weekly and welcomes everyone with open arms. The Angel Network have also been able to organize birthday cakes for every child, something that most of them have never had before, as well as special Friday lunches delivered there weekly by volunteers and restaurants.

Less than a month ago, Beauty proudly attended her one son’s graduation where, as an overjoyed parent she smiled for photo’s with him in cap and gown.


Who could’ve predicted that within weeks he and his brother would tragically die in a horrific fire, leaving Beauty bereft and traumatized beyond comprehension.

Having given so many years of her life to helping other people’s children, Beauty has now suffered the ultimate loss, not once, but twice, on the same day.

“We, as a network, grieve as one for the unimaginable pain that our very own, special angel, Beauty is enduring. No parent should have to bury their child but to bury two children on the same day, is inconceivable. For a woman who has devoted her life to feeding others’ children to have to now bury 2 of her own, is beyond comprehension and we have been totally shattered by this horrific tragedy. Our hearts go out to Beauty and her family as they try and learn to breathe again.”

“This is beyond human rationalization. Needless to say, Beauty is unable to continue her work and there are now over 100 starving children who were totally dependent on her for food, love and care.”

There are still over a 100 little children who need to be fed everyday and The Angel Network are doing everything they can to assist.

The Angel Network’s community members immediately jumped on board to assist. Donations in the form of money and food has been flowing in, to assist the hundreds of hungry kids as well as Beauty during her time of need.

There has also been such a massive outpouring of love that the Network had to create a roster to split the time up for all the volunteers at the centre.

If you want to help in anyway, contact The Angel Network by clicking here or use “Beauty Fund” as a reference when directly depositing in the networks account – FNB 6259 474 7259 code 250655.

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