The Angel Network and “One Small Act of Kindness” are raising funds to help 2 informal recyclers who were horrifically attacked by a swarm bees get the medical care they need.


On the 7th of September, a quiet Friday afternoon, 2 local recyclers were pulling their trolleys when they were attacked by a swarm of bees. According to the Angel Network, those who were on the scene said it was the most horrific scene.

CSS Security and paramedics had to use fire extinguishers to disperse the bees so they could get to the men. Once the bees were dealt with, Steve and Tshepo were moved to a place of safety to be treated.

While loading Steve into the ambulance, they thought he had died. The men were rushed to Helen Joseph Hospital, where Steve (43) suffered two heart attacks and had to be resuscitated in casualty, due to the massive amounts of poison in his system.

People from “One Small Act of Kindness” met with both men on Saturday. Thankfully, Tshepo had been discharged and told their trolleys, their only means of income, were safe. Tshepo sobbed, absolutely shocked that people cared enough to help, support and visit him.

“I thought I’d lost my best friend. We rely on each other to survive and I didn’t know how I was going to live without my friend,” Tshepo explained.

Over the last few days, “One Small Act of Kindness” made sure they had some food, medicine and supplies to get them through. They launched a BackaBuddy fund to help with a few very important things that the men will now need.

1. We NEED to get these men EpiPens as they’ve both now allergic to bees. This is a major issues as they sort through bins for recycling material. 

2. We would like to support the men with a couple of hundred rand every month to keep them going. Both men are supporting families in Rustenburg and Daveyton, who don’t even know their sons sleep on the street in order to send money to them. 

3. Both men haven’t seen their families in over a year. They said they’d love nothing more than head home for a week or two, in order to visit their families. They told us they now know how short life can be. 

The target amount for the men is a total of R10,000 and so far a total of nearly R2,500 has been raised. The group manages the funds directly and will ensure the money is used for the above goals. You can donate to the fund here.

The Angel Network is a voluntary organisation, run solely via the power of social media. We are a registered NPO (181-947NPO). Our goal is to create a gateway for giving. A platform from which helping the helpless will become easily accessible to anyone wanting to do a little more, and give a little more. The Angel Network enables, facilitates and mobilises acts of kindness.

“One Small Act of Kindness” assists old age homes, community foster homes, animal welfare’s, townships, locations, underprivileged nursery schools, the homeless as well as shelters.

You can follow the Angel Network on Facebook here. Many of their amazing causes end up here on Good Things Guy as they truly change lives.

Sources: BackaBuddy
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