Peter and Gerry carried their near-death dog Lady from the farm where they live over several kilometres to the Animal Welfare Society to save her life.


We will come right out and say it, this story made us ugly cry… It was so moving and beautiful that we couldn’t even get one paragraph in without shedding a tear.

The Animal Welfare Society of SA (AWS SA) took to their Facebook page to share the story of Gerry, Peter and their beloved dog Lady (aka Meisie). They wanted to show their financial donors how the money is used to treat animals in need.

“We were thinking of how best to illustrate how we put donors funds to good use and we came across two young brothers Peter aged 14 and Gerry aged 8 who had brought their very sick dog in for treatment.”

The brothers are so devoted to their dog that they walked over kilometres of very rough terrain to get Lady to the vet. At times, when she was unable to carry on walking, they carried her together. Lady was dying but they kept on moving forward to get her to the vet. Little Gerry even did the entire walk barefoot.

“His brother Peter had saved R7 which he was going to put towards buying Gerry a pair of shoes but felt that the shoes could wait and opted to rather spend the money on saving their dog.” 

“Needless to say, we gave Peter a full refund and found a pair of shoes for his younger brother Gerry in our Charity Shop which we presented to him as a token of our appreciation for their combined effort and admitted Lady.”

Once Lady was admitted, the AWS SA team got working to save her life. They could see she was well looked after and was just over 1 year old. They diagnosed her with tick bite fever, fatal if untreated. AWS SA feels that the brother’s actions made all the difference and they will hopefully be able to treat her back to good health.

“Since arrival, she has had a blood transfusion, been placed on a drip to keep her hydrated and been prescribed a course of medication.

It is too soon to know whether or not she will respond positively to treatment and to err on the side of caution has been given a guarded prognosis. For now, her condition can best be described as serious but stable.”

With every ounce of hope in our hearts, we send good wishes to Lady. We hope she does respond well to the treatment. AWS SA applauded the brothers for caring so deeply for her, saying,

“The brothers clearly adore the dog and noticed that she was unwell when she went off her food. This is a sure sign that all was not well. They did not want her to suffer and deteriorate so cleverly decided to bring her to us for assessment and treatment at their earliest opportunity. We NEVER turn any animal in need away.

What really impressed me about these two minors is that despite the odds they made a plan and unselfishly put Lady’s life and needs before anything else. We hope that their devotion, compassion and initiative inspires other pet owners to take good care of their pets, to be alert to when their pets appear unwell and very importantly, to treat their pets for ticks and fleas and to never hesitate to seek professional veterinary advise and care”

The Animal Welfare Society feels these young boys should be praised for their efforts in saving Lady.

“These two local heroes need to be publically lauded for quite literally going the extra mile for their beloved dog. Their best friend and companion”

People have been so moved by the story, they have been donating to AWS SA in Lady’s name. If you would like information on how to get involved in helping, please contact Allan – 078 631 5126 /

Sources: Animal Welfare Society of SA
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