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John Black has climbed six of the “Seven Summits” over the last 20 years. He plans to climb the 7th one wearing a Rhino Suit to raise awareness and funds.


John Black plans to raise R250,000 to go towards wildlife conservation. If he reaches that goal in the next 97 days he will be climbing Mount Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica, wearing a Rhino suit.

John has already climbed 6 of the famous 7 summits so this climb will be his crowning jewel. Not only because it will be a personal triumph but also because of the reason he is doing it.

“I feel it is our duty to preserve the fauna and flora diversity we have,”

“I love spending time amongst animals and in the ‘bush’, and I want to safeguard that for our own enjoyment and that of future generations.”

The 22nd of September is World Rhino Day. John plans to publicly promise to climb Mount Vinson in aid of Wildlife Conservation. The funds raised will go to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).

“I challenge you to make a donation and then watch me make history in Antarctica in a Rhino suit. It will be legendary, and the Rhinos will be grateful!”

To make a donation, you can visit the GivenGain page here.

These are two of the pictures from the London Marathon in 2013, where John wore a full body Rhino Suit. The one he may wear to Antarctica will be similar to this one.

These two images below, are from when he summited Denali in Alaska in 2011.

Sources: GivenGain Supplied
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