Self-taught teen codes awesome App to help fellow Grade 12’s with finals prep

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Lesego Finger used YouTube to learn coding and designed an app to help his fellow Grade 12’s with finals prep, the app has everything a learner might need.


Lesego Finger started watching YouTube tutorials on how to code. It all started because he wanted to know how things really worked, he was curious about the how and why so he delved into the information of it all.

He used the YouTube tutorials to learn how to make games for the Google Play Store. But something inside him wanted more, he wanted to create something that would genuinely help his peers. That is how he came up with the idea for an app to help matriculants.

He had mastered his skill and used it for good. A true South African in any measure, a heart of gold so to speak.

Lesego started building the app and called it ‘Matric Live’. He spent three months collecting information that matric learners would find extrememly useful. The aim was to help everyone pass with the best marks.

The Matric Live app is filled with practice essay questions, literature and poetry, life sciences, exam papers, exam and study tips, and so much more! It even has an Afrikaans/English dictionary.

The app regularly updates to make sure learners have access to all the information for finals prep. Lesego has built the app to become the ultimate finals prep tool, it even has features to aid with career and university advise. It offers motivational quotes and has an alarm system to remind you to study.

“Currently the app is built for matriculants, but we are also planning on making it accessible for Grade 8 up to Grade 11 learners. “

“This is an opportunity for us to make education more fun, scintillating and enjoyable!”

The future is truly bright with people like Lesego in it! To download the App check out Google Play or their Facebook page.

Sources: LeadSA
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