Turkish Airways

Mother Nafi Diaby was on a Turkish Airways flight when she started to experience contractions. Luckily the cabin crew are trained to handle most emergencies.


The cabin crew on board the Turkish Airways flight were alerted to Nafi Diaby’s situation when she started to experience contractions. The crew rushed to assist the expecting mother and make her as comfortable as possible.

Nafi was only 28 weeks along so it was a big surprise. Early births are sometimes risky, even more so when 13,000 meters from the hospital. Thankfully Turkish Airways trains their staff for most emergency situations and the crew was able to assist Nafi.

“One of the crew members acted quickly and cautiously, and consulted the Cabin Crew Manual about the steps that had to be taken. Another member prepared the necessary equipment, while a hostess tried to relax the mother who was experiencing gradually increasing contractions.”

Thanks to the cabin crew the sweet and healthy baby girl was born into the world without any stress or problems. Nafi named her Kadiju and asked the cabin crew to choose her middle name. They chose Hatice. She was cleaned off, wrapped in a blanket and put in the arms of her grateful mother.

Once Nafi and Kadiju were safely in a hospital the flight took off again to it’s final destination. The crew was met by the chairman of the board for Turkish Airlines in Istanbul. Their actions were praised and the world fell in love with the miracle story!

Turkish Airways

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Sources: Skylife
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