13 month kidnapped Baby Eden is back home safely with family.

13 month old Baby Eden who was allegedly kidnapped is back home safely with his family again.


Baby Eden has been found after being reported as missing for over 72 hours.

The Pink Ladies, an organization for Missing Children in South Africa, issued a kidnapped child alert after it was alleged that the domestic worker took Eden, tied on her back with a light blue blanket, for a walk and did not return to the family home in Brackendowns, Alberton at around 8.45am on Wednesday, 2 May.

He was wearing grey tracksuit pants with pumpkins on the bottom of them, a vest with the words “granny sunshine” written on it, a grey and navy striped jersey and navy and white socks with sail boats on them.

Both the Brackendowns Community Policing Forum and the Intelligence Bureau of South Africa released this statement early this morning:

“On Wednesday 2/5/2018 a 13 month old baby was kidnapped in the Brackendowns area as per Cas 05/05/2018. LtCol Jordaan was the cluster duty officer on duty and was tasked with the resolution of the kidnapping. The suspects called the parents and demanded R 6 000 000 for the safe release of the child.

After an unsuccessful money drop on the 3/5/2018 the PHO Trio Team was asked to assist with a money drop on the 4/3/2018. An operational plan was put together by the team and the money drop off was observed.

When the team had sight of the baby a tactical takedown of the suspects was executed.

The baby was safely returned to the father and taken to a hospital for a medical examination.

2 suspects were arrested at the drop off point. After further investigations the domestic worker from the baby’s parents home was also arrested with some of the earlier recieved ransom money. Further investigations led to the arrest of a further 2 suspects as well as the vehicle used to transport the kidnapped baby a red Nissan Sentra was also recovered.

All suspects will be detained at Brackendowns SAPS and FCS Ekhuruleni West Cluster will investigate the case further.”

The Pink Ladies also updated their poster to say FOUND. The moment the entire country had been waiting for:

“Kidnapped Child Found: A special group of people from Coast to Coast in South Africa have said ENOUGH!”

Sources: Pink Ladies | SAPS | Brackendowns CPF
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  1. This is fantastic news for the the family and I wish them all the best as they move on from this horrible event.

    The sad thing here is that, as usual, there are a bunch narrow minded simpletons , who feel it is ok to announce that the fairytale in their heads had some positive influence on the outcome of this story.

    Please understand, you are free to believe whatever you like but it is insulting and disrespectful to use every positive story you comment on as a platform to spread your ridiculous beliefs by association.

  2. GOD IS GREAT .THANK YOU LORD THAT OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED. I have read some of the posts here and as a Christian I need to stand up for my GOD.He put people on the earth to make their own choices in life.GOD BLESSED us to have the police and the pink ladies.This child was unharmed and we can only say thank you to GOD for this .GOD is good and it was a good thing that happened here.Listen to the small voice that tells you what to do.When you know something is wrong and the small voice says don’t go there or don’t do that or turn back,who do you think that is?It’s the Holy Spirit leading you to safety.Please guys do not talk about my GOD whom you do not know …GOD LOVES YOU ALL EVEN THOUGH YOU DO NOT LOVE HIM.i will pray for you .GOD BLESS

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