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Kelly Hargrave was having a really tough day, she sat in her car before going grocery shopping and had a good sob; when she came back someone had left her a chocolate.


Johannesburg, South Africa (23 June 2020) – These days everyone is prone to a bad day, but some are worse than others. Some days you can’t help but sit in your car and sob. That is what happened to Kelly Hargrave until someone did a random act of kindness for her.

She was having a particularly bad day and a few bad situations compounded into one period of time left her feeling overwhelmed. She called her mom, and as she parked in the parking lot of her local grocery store, she burst into tears. Kelly sobbed, hard and once she had pulled herself together, she went to go do her shopping.

Her heavy heart was still unsoothed as she walked back to her car. As Kelly looked up, she noticed something in her windscreen.

Someone had placed a Barone chocolate bar on her windscreen wipers. She stopped in her tracks, trying to process what she was seeing. It suddenly dawned on her that someone must have seen her crying and left her the chocolate as a random act of kindness.

At that moment, Kelly’s heart lifted, and she started crying again, this time because someone had shown her such kindness.

“Today I was sitting in my car in the parking lot at Cedar Square. I was crying my eyes out as I’d had a really tough day. From the Home Owners Association sending me a warning about my little dog, to battling at work with the current COVID-panic atmosphere. I was ugly crying.

I eventually finished my conversation with mom and went into PnP.

When I got back to my car, there was a Barone on my windshield. No note, nobody waiting for a fuss or a thank you. Just a quiet act of love from a stranger who saw how much I’d given up today.

I looked at it, looked around, and as the realization hit – well I started sobbing all over again. This time for a very different reason.”

Kelly has always been the person who performs random acts of kindness. She has given so much without ever expecting anything in return. Her day to receive a random act of kindness was a day Kelly truly needed it. She is so grateful to the person who helped restore her faith in humanity.

“I am one of those people who tries to buy that guy at the garage in the cold a hot pie. Who offers to pay someone’s bill in the store when they’re counting pennies. Who stops for that lost dog. Not because I want praise or a book written about me, but because it makes me feel good to see someone else smile.

Today I was that someone else and I can’t tell you how much someone’s small act of empathy meant to me. On a day when I had lost all faith in humanity, given up and decided I was going to go to bed and sulk with the world – someone cared.

And now I know how important it is for me to keep being someone who cares too.

It’s okay to care. Not everyone does, but that doesn’t mean you’re too soft or that you’re wasting your time with your small act in the face of so much hate.

To whoever cared today, thank you. It really meant so much”

Sources: Kelly Hargrave – Supplied
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