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The people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that usually do.

Thats Mark Sham’s motto, and something the South African entrepreneur and founder of Suits and Sneakers lives by. His crazy concepts have become realities and just like an idea to start an informal idea sharing platform called Suits and Sneakers has became one of the largest informal education platforms… his crazy idea to meet a bestselling author by using Social Media might become a reality too.

Suits & Sneakers is a “human development” event aimed at every living, breathing human being in South Africa! The event was created to disrupt the mundane thinking that comes with the routine of life. Sometimes people go astray because they have forgotten the so-called basics or perhaps they never applied them to begin with. Other times, they’re too rigid and inflexible to have the controlled edginess needed to stand out and thrive!

Their goal is very simple: We want people to leave having learned one or two simple, yet vital lessons and we want to inspire them to be excellent in every aspect of life.

He created Suits and Sneakers in 2015 after binge watching TED talks and realising that there was enough of these types of talks for the South African market.

“South Africa is in a rather precarious spot at the moment and I hate it. It’s something I’ve been worrying about for ages for many reasons. About two years ago, I took a step back and really asked myself what I could do to make a tangible difference for my country. I’m just one person… How do I go about creating something BIG?”

“This was the burning question that never left me.”

Sham took that question and decided to create a platform where ideas could be shared. Where learning could be both formal and informal.

“I figured that if I could empower fellow South Africans then get them to help others do the same, that was my best shot.”

It’s this innovative out-of-the-box thinking that has kept the Suits and Sneakers platform running for 2 solid years while empowering thousands with this different way of thinking.

Sham is heading to America in 2 weeks on a venture to capture great speakers and bring back their insights for a South African audience.

He has already secured a few great interviews but has set his sights on Tim Ferriss, the man made famous by the 4 hour workweek.

Ferriss is an American author, entrepreneur, angel investor, and public speaker. He has written a number of self-help books which have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists.

“I am a massive fan of Tim Ferriss and I’ve been following him for ages. I don’t know if anyone loves his podcasts or advertises them more than me. He has played a massive role in terms of why I started Suits & Sneakers.”

Sham has tried the usual routes to book Ferriss with no luck yet, so has taken to social media in the hopes of tying him down.

“I’m trying to make contact and hopefully interview the man while I’m in the USA in two weeks because South Africa would be better for listening to a man of his calibre but from a South African context. I just have so many questions to ask him around education and informal learning.”

“The man is the podcast king!”

Check out the video and tweet below… and if you can. Retweet and share to help Sham meet Ferriss cause lets be honest, Mark Sham is crazy enough to think he can change the world, and he pretty much is.

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