Bicycle Update: Retalier responds to young man's act of kindness!!!
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Vaughn Fish became friends with Tony, a petrol attendant that they saw every time they stopped at the Caltex on their road trips and decided to buy him a bicycle.


Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal (25 January 2019) – Vaughn Fish has melted his mother’s heart with his kind and generous actions towards a petrol attendant they see every time they take a road trip. Mandy, Vaughn’s mother, shared an incredibly inspiring post about how her son did an incredibly kind thing.

“About 2 months ago we met a wonderful man named Tony at the Caltex by the fire station. Vaughn was very sick, and within moments the attendant had him laughing and smiling.

Since then we regularly visit the station and Vaughn eagerly looks out for his new friend. Tony always takes the time to talk to Vaughn about the various bikes we haul to Giba and back and listens so obligingly to him as he chatters away.

So when Tony asked us to looks out for a reasonably priced bike for him Vaughn promised to find him one.”

Vaughn had been collecting silver coins from around the house to save for a nice family holiday. He had quite the collection already but one evening, his heart took over and he came up with a better idea for the money.

Update: Retailer responds to young man’s act of kindness!!!

Vaughn approached his mom and asked if it would be ok to rather spend the money on buying a bicycle for Tony? Of course, Mandy was deeply moved by the request and insisted that was the best way to spend the money Vaughn had been saving.

“One night he came to me and asked if I really wanted a holiday and upon asking why he said he would rather put his savings towards helping Tony get his bike.”

“And so today, we cracked open the piggy bank and took all the silvers to Game where he bought his friend a bicycle.”

They bought a beautiful bicycle and drove to the Caltex to hand it over to Tony. Tony was overjoyed by the gift from his new friend. Mandy confirmed that she was so proud of her young man and hopes this is something he carries with him through life.

“Our children make us proud on so many occasions but today my heart and his is so full of the joy at the kind man’s face as he, rather stunned accepted his gift from this 10year old boy.

It will be years until your mom allows you on Facebook but when you do see this post, know that today of all your days on this planet so far my heart is the fullest and most proud of you it’s ever been. Keep being kind, and generous, with your time and money and remember bringing joy to others can bring just as much joy to yourself.”

People were deeply moved by Vaughn’s kindness. They welled up with tears seeing the post and to be honest, so did we. Vaughn is a great example of how one small kind deed can make a massive change. Not only in Tony’s life, but in all those that get to see it. We are inspired to do more good when we see others doing good.

Vaughn, you are a star, South Africa is proud of you!

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  1. im proud of u Vaughn that was the most brilliant thing u ever did. Your’re star keep up with your good intentions. God bless u and your family

  2. Awesome…feel good story…no ulterior motives except for a kind gesture from one human being to another….

  3. Personally I think it’s a two way exercise, to Tony well done its how we receive people that matters especially of other race… to Vaugh family especially the mother big ups to the way you are maturing that young boy of which he will definitely be a big man.well done young man.

  4. What a good young man. Wish they would put this story in the paper and all over. As it’s always story how so much hate in this country and how unfair they have been treated. Well done young man

  5. His actions are the prove of hope for this country of ours, there’s more stories like this that never get told.Not taking anything away from this young boy I want to thank him for lighting up the path to a great future.

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