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‘Mother’s Own Milk on the Move’ was started by a group of community-minded bikers who wanted to make a difference for premature babies and their moms.


Bikers often get a bad rep from movies, TV shows and a couple of bad apples but as a whole, they are civic-minded and driven to help within their communities. This can be proven by a number of different stories we have shared over the years, from bikers collecting protective gear for delivery men to protecting children before important court appearances.

The latest story about bikers is so heartwarming we just had to share it. A group of Capetonian bikers are supporting a programme for premature babies and their moms. It is called ‘Mother’s Own Milk on the Move’ (MoM).

Did you know that premature babies have a higher rate of survival if they drink their mother’s own milk? The milk contains the right combination of nutrients for growth and antibodies to help fight off infection.

Most mothers at Groote Schuur Hospital have to leave and head back to work while the baby remains in intensive care. This means the babies don’t have access to their mother’s milk.

The group decided to become a type of courier service for fresh breast milk. They collect the milk from the mother at a clinic that is convenient for her and they then deliver the milk to the hospital so that the baby can feed.

“The premature babies at Groote Schuur Hospital are not able to get their own mothers milk as the mothers are not able to travel to Groote Schuur Hospital every day. Thanks to our partners in this project we are enabling a young entrepreneur who will be collecting the mother’s milk from various clinics and deliver them to the hospital on a sponsored motorcycle.” 

In celebration of World Prematurity Day on the 17th of November, Scully Scooters National have teamed up with Newborns Trust, Relate Bracelets and Consol Glass. They are hosting a Mass Ride on the 4th of November to raise awareness about the difficulties for mom’s and their newborns, as well as for the new MoM project.

“We will be delivering the glass jars sponsored by Consol Glass to the various clinics where the mothers will be able to express their milk for their babies.”

All bikers are invited to join in and are encouraged to wear as much purple as possible. You can also support by purchasing a sticker from Newborns Trust, a pin from Scully Scooters or a bracelet from Relate.

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