The bikers from the ‘Sons of Joburg’ club started collecting and distributing protective gear to delivery men who need better equipment to stay road safe.


Bikers generally have a bad rep when it comes to their social image, this is mostly due to one or two bad eggs in the bunch. They are also portrayed as violent and reckless in TV and movies, which isn’t always the case in reality. Thankfully here in Johannesburg the bikers we heard about are using their skills to do good!

The Sons of Joburg started collecting donations of helmets, jackets, boots and gloves to help protect the delivery men of Joburg. Time and time again they came across these hard working men and found them to be inadequately protected.

Delivery men work really hard to make sure we get our chips while their hot and our burger buns while they are still toasted. They make sure our cheesy pizza and a variety of other takeaways arrive hot and fresh.

Andre Smit, the National President of the club has been spearheading the process of distributing the protective gear. Sons of Joburg set up the campaign ‘No Livery, No Delivery’ to raise awareness to the issue of delivery men not being given the correct protective gear by their employers.

The group have started to name and shame companies that put the lives of their employees at risk. They also call the companies to discuss what the laws are and how the companies are failing. The hope is that with enough pressure, these companies will start to think about the safety of their delivery men.

“Delivery riders matter!!!!! People are the life blood of our industries. They are the human beings who get up every morning despite their worries, their heartache or their concerns and they do the work. Often they make little, but they sustain our nation. They are not commodities, they are precious. Treat them with respect and dignity, let them know that they are important. Say “please, thank you, well done and I am sorry I made a mistake, you were right”. Greet them in the morning, say goodbye when the day is done. People matter.” – Mike Lacey-Smith

If you have protective gear you wish to donate you can contact the guys by joining their Facebook group here.

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