Breakfast Club Surprise

The team at 94.7 Breakfast Club gave Lydia the surprise of a lifetime on her birthday! She broke into tears after realising the show was talking about her!


Lydia’s mother wanted to give her a memorable Matric dance, sadly the family faced struggle after Lydia’s father was diagnosed with Epilepsy. So to make sure Lydia could have a lovely dance, her mother wrote a letter to 94.7 Breakfast Club asking if they could assist.

What followed was a huge surprise to both Lydia and her mother! The Breakfast Club went above and beyond to help the family and make sure Lydia had the best day! The team decided to announce the surprise on Lydia’s birthday. It all started with an Uber ride!

“Oh it’s an Uber?”

“I have never had this before… even if it’s my birthday! An Uber!!! I am so telling my friends about this!”

From there Anele and the Breakfast Club team started telling Lydia’s story on air while she was listening. They read out her mothers letter, which detailed how Lydia had been cleaning classrooms and washing cars after school to help lift the financial burden on her mother.

The moment the story started Lydia listened intensely, relating to it! Pretty soon it started to matched Lydia’s life, she realised it was all about her and she burst into tears!

The team helped secure a dress, shoes, makeup, a spa pamper and transport for the dance. There after the managed to get sponsors for over R17,000 in cash for food, medicine and bills!

This is the most incredible video you will watch today, grab a tissue and watch the emotional video below!

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