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A German man is desperately searching for his brother who was given up for adoption and later moved to South Africa. This is your chance to turn this into the most amazing good news story.


Günter Wiegering currently lives in the Bavarian Alps (Allgäu) in Germany. 2 years ago, he found out that he has an older biological brother who he had never met.

“We’ve never seen each other, but he probably knows that I exist, being a bit older than me. I only came to know of his existence about 2 years ago but I have been looking for him ever since.”

Günter found out that he was actually 1 of 3 brothers, who had all been given up for adoption when they were too young to remember. Apparently his oldest brother, Jürgen Goebel, had remained in foster care in Lindenberg, Allgäu Germany while the younger 2 had found a home.

“We were 3 brothers. My younger brother and I were adopted together without ever knowing that my older brother existed. We were raised by a family in North Rhine-Westphalia. While Jürgen was raised in foster care with an older Lady.”

Günter’s search for his brother brought him to Durban, South Africa. After 2 years of investigating and researching, he learned that Jürgen had emigrated to South Africa in around 1989.

“At the beginning of this year (2017) I found out that Jürgen emigrated to South Africa. The municipality of his last place of residence, Scheidegg im Allgäu, confirmed that he signed himself off at the office on 12 June 1989. What is sure, is that he went to live in DURBAN and was joined there by a friend from Germany in June/July 1990.”

“Until now I found no one in Germany who has heard of him or seen him since then.  I have tried to enquire with the German Consulate in Durban but they say they can’t help me with his whereabouts, even if he was in contact with them over the years. At least I know that he is still alive because they would have a record if he wasn’t.”

Jürgen used to call himself  ‘Sunny’, was a great fan on Country Music and his English might still be tinged with a heavy Bavarian accent. He always wore a Cowboy hat, and he often wore sunglasses. He liked his beer and was great company.

“For some reason I think he hasn’t changed much.  At the time of his departure he was a trained Tiler and did general artisan and Handyman work. He has a reputation of being a good salesman, too.”

A month ago Günter was contacted by someone who thought they met Jürgen in a Hotel in Namibia. He said the man spoke with a bavarian accent and called himself ‘Sunny’. This man apparently said he had been between South Africa and Namibia for a long time.

Günter was very hopeful but enquiries at the Hotel didn’t lead anywhere – they weren’t sure to have ever seen anyone resembling Jürgen at the Bar.

“I dream of finding Jürgen and would gladly come to South Africa – I just want to hug my brother. I hope you can all help me, I have already made progress this year and I am hopeful I will get to meet my big brother again!”

To help unite the brothers, please share this story far and wide. Or if you have any information or know of someone who might, please email (a Durbanite who is helping from South Africa to Germany)

Details: Jürgen Goebel (Sunny), born on 06/05/1963 in Lindenberg, Allgäu Germany. Last known whereabouts Durban in 1990. This is the only photo Günter has of Jürgen.

Jürgen Goebel

Sources: GTG interview
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  1. Dear people of

    I am the one who is looking for his brother Jürgen.

    I would like to thank you for publishing my story, my search. I appreciate that very much. That’s such a big help for me. I hope that many more people will get in touch.
    Thanks again.

    And to all the friendly people who are interested, share and send us information.

    Thank you so much

    Also to you, dear Susanne, thank you

    Greetings, Günter

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