Watch: Bus Driver rescues a lost shirtless young boy from cold weather

Bus Driver

Bus Driver Denise Wilson is being called a hero for saving a 5 year old boy from freezing when she spotted him wondering the street in just a pair of shorts


Denise Wilson, a bus driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA was taking a quick break from her night shift route when she heard a child crying. She spotted a 5 year old boy wondering the street, in freezing temperatures, wearing only a pair of shorts.

Quickly she stopped the bus and went to go and help him.

“Denise scooped him up, brought him onto her bus, and gave him her coat. After giving him something to eat, she then took him to the closest gas station where someone was able to give him a shirt while they waited for the police.”

Luckily this story doesn’t have a dark beginning, the boy accidentally let himself out of his home and gotten lost. Thankfully the police were able to return him safely home.

“Despite the incident simply being an accident, Denise is being commended for taking care of the boy until help could arrive.”

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