A group of Capetonians are painting rocks and hiding them around the city for people to find. The group has grown and is spreading real joy throughout the city.


Cape Town, South Africa (14 May 2018) – “If you see a penny, pick it up and all day long, you’ll have good luck” has been a saying forever and now in Cape Town, it’s all about rocks.

A group of Capetonians are painting rocks and leaving them scattered around the city. They want people to find them and feel the love.

The invite people to paint rocks with anything beautiful and then hide them around the city. One of our readers shared the group’s info with us after her son found his first-ever rock. She said he was over the moon with excitement. We loved the idea and wanted to share it with you.

So the group has some pretty great philosophies, they feel that if you are placing a rock or finding one, check that the area around the rock is neat, if not pick up any litter and keep the public spaces neat and tidy. This is how the concept works:

If you find a decorated rock, take a picture, share it with us here on this group, then either keep it (and maybe hide one of your own creations) or place it in another public location. It can be in plain sight or hidden. If you want your pebble to be posted back here when it’s found, write CapeTownRocks on the back with a little Facebook icon (an ‘f’ in a square). You can also add your first name and the date if you’d like. That way we can see how long a rock has been in circulation for.

  • Please make sure your artwork is coated with a sealer to make it weatherproof. 
  • Place your pebbles on public land only. Private property is off limits. 
  • And please, let’s keep our country beautiful. If you spot some litter, pick it up and take it to the closest bin. It’s awesome to leave places nicer than you found them.

Have you ever spotted a painted rock before? Let us know in the comment section. You can join the group on Facebook here.

Sources: Cape Town Rocks
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