A Capetonian DJ has taken to social media to ask for assistance for his mother in Zimbabwe, who is facing an expensive, invasive eye procedure and South Africans are all jumping on board.


Chris Taylor made the plea early on Thursday morning which has literally gone viral. Thousands of people have been sharing the video, and sending his mom messages of hope and helping her with funds.

“The current situation in Zimbabwe is relatively tough and it’s hard to get money in & out… things are hectic up there. My mum happens to be one of the people who are battling… but she gets by but things are tough.”

The reality of Zimbabwe’s economy is quite dire. The currency collapsed in 2009 during a strenuous period of hyperinflation and hasn’t recovered.

CNN Money reported earlier this week that the collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy has meant that there is literally no money in the country and Zimbabweans have to buy almost everything from bottled water to toothpicks abroad.

Taylor went on to explain that his mother, Jacqui Radford is facing a procedure called intravitreal injections.

Basically it’s a way of delivering medication to the retina in the back of the eye. Certain medications will not reach the retina if given as eye drops or pills, and therefore needed to be injected directly into the eye.

“She has to go for a procedure on Friday to get injections behind her eye… because the capillaries can’t climb, instead they go through the eye, so she has to get some chemical injected into her eye.”

“Its a pretty invasive procedure and it sounds really kak.”

Taylor pointed out that he wasn’t looking for a hand-out but rather for people to support his mother. Radford is a designer & has recently set up a page to assist in selling her designs which are printed onto various products.

“She’s battling with funds for the procedure but I’m not just asking for funds… if you could just put her in your prayers and send her love.”

“But if you would like to help with the financial side of things, then please visit www.redbubble.com and purchase some of her awesome designs that you could buy to print on to various products.”

Her designs are really beautiful. You can visit her page to support her by clicking here.

Jacqui Radford Designs

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