A Facebook post about a Capetonian car guard is going viral for all the right reasons… restoring faith in humanity, reminding us why we love this incredible country.

Kerryn Marsden while shopping over the weekend, realised that she had left her keys in her car… literally giving her car away to any opportunists.

“I got to the shop and in my busy state getting Jay into his pram and loading the baby bag I went into the centre.”

“Only after my coffee and wondering for maybe 40 minutes into my expedition did I realise I didn’t have my car keys on me and that I had left them hanging in the boot lock when I had opened it.”

She stampeded back towards the entrance in a panic of sweat and tears, only to find Joseph, the car guard waiting for her by the entrance, keys in hand.

“I was blown away. He restored my faith in humanity today.”

Joseph had been waiting at the entrance of the mall to make sure he didn’t miss her.

“With everything happening in the world right now I had pretty much given up hope until I met this wonderful man.”

“There are still good people out there and maybe we just focus a little too much on all the bad.”

“Facebook is so full of heartbreak and destruction at the moment and this is something I wanted to share.”

Marsden posted the story to Tygervalley Shopping Centre’s page too saying that should be proud of an employee like Joseph. And thousands of people have agreed!

Amy Johnson Joseph stated “You’re amazing! To so many people car guards are invisible and some people don’t even greet them back. Kerryn, thank you for sharing your story. I want to challenge everyone who read this to acknowledge these men and women by simply greeting them back with a smile. That often means more to them than our small change. Thank you Joseph for being a super car guard.”

Lisa Williams said “I just got a lump in my throat. Thank you so much for sharing. GOD bless this man. Gosh I feel like going to find him and reward him for this. Which entrance does he stand at??”

“I’m gonna put something together and go give it to him. When a stanger does something good in these dark times we live in we should make a big deal of it and just maybe it will spread to others.”

Lee-Anne Harley said “These are the things I love reading about in South Africa . Good man Joseph”

Apparently it’s not a once off occurrence as others have shared their amazing stories of the car guards at the shopping centre.

Allotter Hansby shared her story about the shopping centre “A few weeks ago at the same entrance l ” lost” documents which l left behind in my trolley and drove off. Eric a car guard found it and handed it in at Game. I searched for him and rewarded him but I am still going do do more for him as my whole life was in the bag he found. ( like a woman’s bag.) I look for him ever time l go there and thank him.”

We salute amazing South Africans, and will continue to share their incredible stories!

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