A woman gave her car keys to a stranger so that they could both rescue a dog!

A woman stopped on a highway to rescue a dog and was put in a situation where she had to give her car keys to a stranger…


Johannesburg, South Africa – Carla Harris, an online social specialist from Johannesburg, stopped to help a dog running on a highway and found the help that restored her faith in South Africa!

She shared her story on Twitter, with a warning that people shouldn’t stop on highways or give their car keys away to strangers (usually).

“Trust, people and dogs, this is why I love South Africa!!!”

Yesterday, Harris rescued a three-legged greyhound who was running on a six-lane highway. The brave South African stopped her car and got out to try to catch the pup to get it to safety.

“As I was trying to chase the dog, a black gentleman who was walking along the road joined me in running up and down the highway as we tried to catch the pup. The dog (and us) must have run over two kilometres.” 

Harris paused for a moment and went back to check on her car when four black gentlemen came out of the bushes on the side of the road and asked if the guy running on the highway had stolen her phone. They offered to help, but she explained that they were both trying to catch the three-legged dog.

The strangers double checked that she was alright and left.

The first guy came back and told Harris that the dog had finally tired out and was resting under an overpass.

“I drove to the overpass where another car was stopped. 2 black gentlemen were in the car and offered to help me, and the one approached the dog. 

I decided to not drive up to the pup in the car because I didn’t want it to run away again.”

They made it close to the dog and were able to sit with it calmly.

“While we were holding the pup, I realised this gentleman was afraid of dogs, and not knowing the dog I wouldn’t want to take the chance of picking it up and carrying it to the car which was about 1km away so wasn’t quite sure what to do.”

The man then offered to fetch Harris’ car while she waited with the dog. He was a complete stranger, but it was the only way that this rescue would work out! The man gave Harris his ID and bank card as collateral, and she handed over her keys.

“I felt you know what, we should trust people a little bit more. Then I remembered that my phone and wallet were in my car. I was worried for a second, but he brought my car back, and we put the dog in.” 

All her stuff was still there! Harris returned his ID and bank card (Isaac is his name, and he is a driver from Bishop Bavin School). They wished each other a Happy Easter and went on their way!

“The dog is safe, and I was helped by six different men for no reason other than they saw I needed help. I know people say South Africa is a scary place, but it’s beautiful and kind too. 

Don’t forget that! We need to not look at each other with mistrust because today my trust and faith in people was proved right.”

The “Sight Hound South African Rescue Organisation” offered to take the dog to the Bergbron Vet who were open, even on Easter Sunday.

“My mind is still processing… it was extremely reckless of me, and I honestly don’t know why I did it. I was lucky enough that Isaac is a good, kind and honest man. 

So don’t try this at home, but do remember people can be amazing!”

Sources: Carla Harris Twitter 
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