Devils Peak

Adam Spires filmed another record-breaking hike on Table Mountain. Chaeli Mycroft and her blind friend Josh took on Devils Peak and hiked to the top!


Adam Spired the “Wannabe Vlogger” has a real heart of gold! A few months ago he filmed the day that Chaeli Mycroft was helped hike up to the top of Lions Head. In fact, Adam helped Chaeli by carrying her on his back. It was an emotional video and on filled with good vibes.

Chaeli is a quadriplegic Superhero! Cerebral palsy confined Michaela “Chaeli” Mycroft to a wheelchair but it also enabled her to become the world’s first “ability activist”, challenging the world’s understanding of what it is to create an inclusive society.

Her most recent adventure has been to climb Devils Peak to help raise awareness and funds for her new campaign. Chaeli also invited her friend Josh who is completely blind to join her on the hike. This hike proved that everyone has the ability to do anything they set their minds to and society should stop determining other peoples abilities.

Many believe that people with disabilities cannot do extreme things like climbing Kilimanjaro or hiking Lion’s Head. We have proven that it is possible with a little help and we’re doing it again!

The Chaeli Campaign believes that inclusion changes everything. The funds raised will be used to support more disabled children and youth access inclusion opportunities and live to their full potential.

This cause is close to Adams’ heart because his daughter is partially sighted. Adam and his wife have worked hard to make sure their daughter Anna lives a normal life, they avoid making at a “thing” or a big issue.

“I think that’s really the key to dealing with disabilities specifically with other people, is you just treat them like anyone else, it’s not an issue and you will find, as Chaeli is proving and Josh is proving, that people with disabilities can do pretty much most (of the) things that able-bodied people can do.” – Adam Spires

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