The Melville community in Johannesburg have worked together to help a local homeless man find his two missing dogs.


Jonathan, a homeless man in Melville, gave his dogs to a woman that said she would take them to be fed but never brought them back.

Ian Logan heard about the story and posted the notice on Facebook which sparked off a mass community project to help Jonathan.

Hi, there is a coloured gentleman who lives on the streets of melville with his 2 big dogs who love him very much… he says a lady took his dogs to feed them by the spar centre and never brought them back… he is devastated… if anyone knows who took his dogs please let me know… we need to try help him get them back.

The community immediately started the mass search to find the pups. The post was shared hundreds of times and residents took to the streets and shelters to try reunite Jonathan with his best friends.

Glody Lambropoulos posted: “He might be homeless and honest, unlike the person who took something that did not belong to them. Being homeless is no reason to be treated with less respect.”

Tersia Booyzen added: “It is theft, a dog that is loved is much better off with his human than in a kill shelter even if they live on the streets. If you are concerned provide food and other basics, don’t flippen steal the dogs!”

Nixie Wessels commented: “He takes care of his dogs. I see him around all the time and he always makes sure he has good for them. The point is you don’t just take someone’s dogs like that. He loves them very much. He must be so lonely now.”

Karen Brink said: “I also know him, his name is Jono, I think. He takes really good care of Blackie and Brownie. I also give him food and leftovers from the restaurant. This is heartbreaking.. I hope someone finds her.. They are 2 dark lab x.”

After a couple of hours and hundreds of shares, the Kennel Manager of the SPCA was alerted to the post and informed everyone that the dogs had been dropped off at the Randburg Shelter.

A woman apparently took them there and said that she had found them roaming the streets.

Cynthia Swanepoel posted: “Hi, I am the Kennel Manager at the SPCA and will be in contact with Ian to get the dogs back. The SPCA knows about Jonathan as well and have seen him with his dogs, they are very well looked after so we will just make sure he has food for them… dogs are fine in the kennels, they both are very sweet!”

Logan will be taking Jonathan to the shelter to get his dogs later today and the SPCA have offered to give the pups a full check-up with de-worming and vaccinating for free.

The community have been so inspired by the story that some members are offering to assist Jonathan with food, shelter and hopefully even a job.

Amanda Forsythe posted: “The community concern and action taken on this case is extremely touching and reminds me, yet again, what a special community of people we have in Melville and surrounds.”

Donald Capper added: “YES!!!!! I flippin love this community of ours, Ian Logan well done for championing the cause, get that man a Bell’s.”

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Sources: I Love Melville

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