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A broken mom going through an incredibly tough financial time, was about to sit her 5 year old daughter down to explain to her why she wouldn’t be getting anything for her birthday this year, when an entire community stepped up to share a little love and kindness.


Abegail Burnham-Price, a moderator and group administrator for the Rand Park Ridge Community Page, took to Facebook to ask the community to help a desperate mom make her soon to be 6 year olds birthday, a little more special.

Abegail, inundated with constant requests from those in need, had almost reached the end of her tether. Constantly giving of herself, had lead her to feel tired, burnt-out and almost exhausted.

“I was prepared to quit. I wanted to walk away from all of this and doing what I do.”

“I get new requests for help on a daily bases. Need help with a job. Can I assist as a family is starving. There is a family about to lose their home. There is a family who has lost there home. There is a mom and baby in need.”

“Those who message me know I try and do what I can in as short a time as possible. This time of year is the worst for me as I listen to people who are suicidal, who just need a friend or an ear to listen. Some need hospitalization and I sometimes drive them personally and have them booked in.”

The night before Abegail received a desperate plea from a broken mom, was nearly the end of the straw for her… it was her saying that she just couldn’t anymore.

“There was no more me left… then I got a plea this morning.”

The plea came from a desperate mom who was in a financial crisis. She was about to sit her daughter down to explain to her why they wouldn’t be able to celebrate her birthday this year.

“Yesterday I as a mommy had a huge challenge to face. I needed to sit my little princess down and explain to her that unfortunately this year we can’t do a birthday for her. It was a big deal. She graduates from grade 0 next weekend after her birthday so it would be her last with all her friends. It broke my heart but I had run out of time to pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat.”

After receiving the message, Abegail found her spark again. Her moment of exhaustion was little in comparison to the huge task this mom was about to face.

Imagine sitting a soon to be 6 year old down, to explain to her that she was special, but they couldn’t afford to celebrate her special day.

Abegail put a call out on the group, asking for someone to bake a cake, and maybe some left-over make up (as the little girl is obsessed with dress up) to be put into a bag as a gift for her.

“I know I don’t have the energy anymore but I also know I just can’t shut down for a little girl in our community. Can anyone assist thank you I will try put a few things together myself for her too.”

What happened next, was nothing short of a miracle. The kindness of the community was absolutely beautiful. The mom (who wishes to remain anonymous) had a friend post this for her.

“I did as I have always been advised in dire circumstances, reach out, to our rock and driving force in the community Abbegail Burnham Price.”

“I explained my situation to Abbe, she has helped my family and knows my whole story after speaking me off a ledge last December when I needed to talk. I did not expect much just a gift so that I could see my little girl light up knowing she was loved.”

“What I got two hours later, reduced me to tears… grateful ones.”

“From the businesses that dived in to actually throw this Princess a party to the kind community members who offered gifts. Within two hours I could breathe and knew that she does not have to know the situation we are in.”

“Tonight she asked me what was happening because normally I am planning like mad, and I told her. I told her about Abbe and the members of this community I told her that it’s going to be as special as she wanted it. I told her that people love her and love us and she can have a fabulous birthday.”

“My little princess then said the only way she can say thank you is to do this for another little girl, so when she can she will share her presents and help to give another Princess a party.”

“From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you. Thank you for giving us hope, thank you for spoiling her where I could not. Thank you for being the supportive community you have always been. May this community in its challenges and objections remember mommies like me, without community we have nothing. May God bless you all.”

Abegail took to Facebook once more, to thank all the community members who had stepped up, to help this mom and her little princess. She also listed everyone who had helped to thank them for their kindness individually.

  • Cake – Paula Potgieter
  • Banner – Amy Ford
  • Loom bands – Tracy Botes
  • Cups and serviettes – Hazel Elliott Ammann
  • Collection at beauty value – Charity Williams
  • Make up – Tracy Southey
  • Make up – Tandi Assad
  • Bag – Viv Elliot
  • Loom bands – Nicky chetham
  • Chips – mandy Keil
  • Hamper – Garrie Gazza Wright and charity Williams beauty value
  • Sweets – Nikita dos Ramos
  • Barbie – Yoricke
  • Hello kitty bag – Shirley Ann Beeton Bosman
  • Hair – Marion
  • Eats – Pam Boltler
  • Cupcakes – Michelle Di Mambro
  • Party bags – Ashley gurney
  • Balloons – Tana Cope
  • Gift – Sandra Avelar
  • Castle jumping – Candice Davies
  • Candy floss Gilla Gregor
  • Tables chairs tent – Kevin Hydes

Thank you to all the community members, for your act of kindness. It is beautiful & just be giving a little, you have made a massive difference for this mom, her daughter & anyone else that sees this story.

Sources: Facebook
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