Community came together to help find a dog that went missing during a tragic hijacking.


A South African community came together to help find Sasha… a dog that went missing during a traumatic hijacking.


Here at Good Things Guy we strive to share the good news daily, we know that life isn’t always rainbows and good vibes but when we hear stories like this one, our faith and hope for a better country is always boosted. What started out as a deeply tragic event has ended in so much happiness we cannot stop happy crying.

Louise, a South African from Rondebosch was hijacked outside her home. She sustained horrific injuries during the traumatic experience; a pierced lung from a broken rib, a broken pelvis, internal bleeding and large scratches and bruises. These injuries were from her fighting to save her two dogs still trapped in the car.

She held onto her hijacker’s throat to try stop him from driving off with her dogs. Sadly, he got free of Louise’s grip and drove off. Sasha had jumped out of the car window during the hijacking and bolted. She was missing, with a major storm brewing. Thankfully her brother was safe and back with the family.

The search began and people shared the story on Facebook in the hopes that it would help find Sasha. A tip came in that someone had spotted her near the airport.

The community rallied together and set off to go and find her. Kelsey Hendricks shared the experience of searching for her. She took the search to heart and drove through every industrial area surrounding the airport. She turned back when it got dark but was joined by a loving group of strangers the next day. They all confirmed they would be meeting up in the area via Facebook. Some complete strangers to one another, but together, a family community!

“Her owner, Arnold had brought along her brother Khaya and we all set out into the wildly overgrown bush. After more than two and half hours looking, we decided to have a break.

Our main concern was that she would get out of the broken fence and run back towards Robert Sobukwe. As we were leaving I saw a car and realised it was someone coming to help with the search. It was Benthe Legg. We both pulled over and as I walked over to her I saw Sasha! Exactly where we feared she would get out. Arnold had seen her too.

Well!!! I ran back to my car and sped after her. Benthe following me! Sasha ran into the next road at the bus depot. Arnold cornered her and opened his car door and she jumped in! Can I just tell you that there was a LOT of whooping!!! And hugging and crying!!! You better believe it!!! WoOoHooOOo!!!” – Kelsey Hendricks

Sasha was found and taken to the vet as she had a large gash on her face. Not only were these amazing strangers excited but thousands of people on social media joined in the celebration of finding this sweet dog. This was a very happy ending to a horrific event!

In even better news, the hijacker was caught and arrested. So not only is the family reunited, they will have justice too!

This particular hijacker was found and arrested.” – Kelsey Hendricks

Was seen by police commuting on the highway, driving on three wheels. Was flagged down, bolted for it, and crashed into a wall and was subsequently arrested” –  Jarryd-Reece Jacobs

Sources: Facebook
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