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A Johannesburg couple heading home spotted two starving dogs walking down the road, they stopped to help and it brought the community together!


Fourways, South Africa (06 July 2017) – Carmen Vanessa Jordaan and her husband, together with another woman by the name of Alicia saw two severely emaciated dogs wandering the street as they were heading home. The dogs seemed to be a breed of Ridgeback Cross.

“They are totally emaciated, especially the female, and it took us about 3 hours to collect them and bring them home. The male is quite aggressive but eventually I managed to get a lead on him and walk him a few km to home.”

“We could only get the female into our car. She started off snappy but is now licking my hands and has a lovely nature.”

“They are safe now and they’ve eaten well and have a bowl of water and a warm bed and blankets.”

” Is there someone that would be able to give them a warm and loving home? They will need lots of love, attention and care to get them back to full strength.”

Carmen posted the story onto her local neighbourhood Facebook group and quickly the community sprang into action. One woman from the community offered to scan the dogs to check if they had microchips. While others started doing research to find the dogs a loving home.

Many people also connected Carmen to the local Ridgeback rescue organisations in the area. Another woman got connected to a mobile vet who could assess the dogs.

The starving dogs were fed and ate just enough to sustain them for the evening, avoiding the danger of overeating. The community hopes to get the SPCA involved to help get some justice for the pair. People have been requesting updates and where to send donations.

In just two days they have made leaps and bounds in recovery. Carmen posted an update on the post saying,

“Hi everyone, my husband bought some deworming meds, flea and tick meds and some probiotics today. After that I got hold of the AnimaniA Vetenirary Hospital just around the corner and they were amazing! They came around today to examine the dogs free of charge. No chips found and they can only be sterilised when they are stronger.”

“The vet says that the female is in a bad way and wouldn’t have lasted another day or two out there. He also said that the male was used for fighting 😢💔 He recommended some special adult Eukanuba intestinal pellets, which we’ve bought for them.”

“Apparently the simpler the food the better until their tummies start to work properly. The vet also said that they appear to be a cross between a Rottweiler and a Ridgeback. You can see the Rottweiler in his face and her face looks more like a Ridgeback. They have such a beautiful nature! Xxx”


Starving Dogs

After (Just 2 days progress)

Starving Dogs

The story doesn’t end here, we will keep you updated on their recovery process and rehoming!

Sources: I Love Fourways
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