A call for help on social media has brought a community together to assist a homeless mother living on the streets and her 5 day old baby.


An online organization called ‘One Small Act of Kindness‘ (OSAOF) received a call asking if they could assist with a mother and baby living on the streets but didn’t get any more details.

KellyAnn Strydom, who runs the organization, immediately took to the streets to investigate. She met with the anonymous caller but was shocked when she got there.

“I arrived and she says there she is… where i say? Under the plastic. Is she alive? Yes.”

Strydom moved closer to the plastic bundle where she saw the baby which was only 5 days old. The little newborn was wrapped in same towel she has been born into as the mother did not have anything else to keep her warm.

One Small Act of Kindness One Small Act of Kindness

The organisation put out a call on social media and were immediately inundated with assistance.

“How scary to think this is her life. Mom does not want to give her up and is looking for a home for them.”

“We have so much but still complain most days. Days like this makes me grateful.”

“If anyone has 0-3 month baby items for nappies please let us know. We will keep the goodies and hand them to her when she needs.”

The community found her a room in a women’s shelter and within a couple of hours she had been given safety, shelter, clothing, food, and baby products that would last her for the next 6 months.

OSAOF have decided to continue assisting the mother and baby for as long as they can. The organisation has many projects that they are currently associated with but this mom has captured their hearts.

Strydom has made sure that someone will visit the mother daily to make sure that she is safe and looking after the little one. They are also stock-piling the donations and will be distributing them as and when they are needed.

“We are really want to give this mom and her baby a chance at life. We will do everything to get her a hand up and help her on her feet. Thank you to each and every person who supports our drives amd needs.”

If you want to assist with donations or get involved with any of their projects… click here.

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Sources: One Small Act of Kindness

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