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Instead of a wedding gift or honeymoon fund this couple asked their guests to donate towards a clean water well for a Ugandan Village, they changed lives!


Over the years people have become more generous with their big days! Some people have donated their birthday parties or all their presents. A couple once used their wedding food to feed refugee’s and this time a couple asked their guests to help them get a water well installed in a Ugandan village.

Billy Steere and Honey Lindo asked the guests at their wedding to make a donation for a good cause, they used the funds to build a freshwater well. The well has been installed and has changed the lives of the 200 people that live in the village.

‘It’s amazing that we’ve improved the lives of so many people just by getting married,’ – Billy Steere

The couple came up with the idea when they started planning their wedding in 2016. They had already set up their lives and had everything they needed so they decided to be charitable instead.

‘We started thinking about what else we could do instead of a gift list and I suggested doing something for charity,’ – Honey Lindo

‘We just told our family and friends that they were welcome to make a donation to the charity instead of getting us a present. We didn’t want to burden them but everyone was open to it.’ – Billy Steere

They raised a massive £1,200, which was enough to build the well. They gave the money to the charity organisation and the builders started working immediately!

‘It is all up and running and people are using it every day. I just can’t believe it has happened.’

Ugandan Well
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Sources: Metro
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