Watch: Dad joins daughter on stage to calm her & helps perform her dance


The world just collectively swooned over dad and criminal lawyer, Marc Daniels, who joined his daughter on stage during her ballet recital to calm her.


Marc Daniels is officially being called ‘Dancing Dad’ after he took to the stage to calm his daughter Isabella. She had walked onto the stage but was very unhappy about doing the performance. Marc tried to calm her from offstage but she just crumpled into a pile of tears.

After the first dance move had been done, Marc rushed onto the stage with his newborn in hand and proceeded to calm his distraught daughter down.

He then took her hand and started to do the ballet recital along with the teacher and the rest of his daughter’s classmates. She seemed to have calmed down enough to do the performance so Marc made a dash offstage but his daughter was not having it! She insisted he stay and so he did the entire performance, pointed toes and all!

Once the performance was finished, the crowd went wild! Marc is a father to three little girls and Isabella is just two years old. Moments like these are not uncommon but his reaction was phenomenal. He did the entire performance with his youngest daughter, Suri, in his arms.

The entire performance was a surprise to the audiance and the video quickly went viral. People have been commending his parenting and have praised his ability to dance well under pressure.

“I just wanted to make sure my daughter was calm and felt comfortable,” Daniels told The Royal Gazette.

What an incredible dad! Watch the sweet video below.

Sources: Facebook / UpWorthy
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