Darren Thomas Training Videos
Photo Cred: Darren Thomas

Darren Thomas says that these are “small wins for the average guy”, but to him, they mean that he put in the work, endured through the pain and conquered my biggest fears and insecurities!


Johannesburg, South Africa (03 November 2020) – It’s been 13 years since Darren Thomas was left in a wheelchair after a traumatic night, where the brave South African woke to the sound of people in his house but that has not stopped the passionate South African from achieving all his goals and dreams.

And he is inspiring all who follow his journey with his outlook on life and pure determination!

You see, it had been a goal or challenge of Thomas’ for a while to do a rope climb, so he started by doing one out of his chair which led to two in a row and then the ultimate for him was to do it with the chair.

He recently posted a video of his “chair rope climb” and it is truly an incredible accomplishment to see.

“The Significance of this is that these are goals set as time goes on that seem unachievable to me at first. The ones that people say or think I can’t do. The ones people would expect you can’t do. These are the ones I thrive on because that’s what makes me work harder and push further. That’s what makes my mind stronger than excuses and doubts. When I do achieve them, the reward is so much bigger.

The bottom line here is that thirteen years ago when I sat a lot more frail, confused, insecure, terrified and completely unsure of what the future held for me in a chair, I never ever would have thought I would be where I am today. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible. As strong as I knew I could try and be and as positive as I was. It all seemed Impossible!”

Thomas says that these are “small wins for the average guy”, but to him, they mean that he put in the work, endured through the pain and conquered my biggest fears and insecurities!

“Thank God for His Grace & Love and thank my Biggest supporter and Encouragement Lauren Thomas for helping me get to the point I am today. I have a lot of insecurities to conquer a lot more demons to fight, but I’m Ready, and I Can ne

Darren Thomas Training Videos
Photo Cred: Darren Thomas

Thomas’ story is a stark reminder that crime has been rampant in our country for many years, but it is also a reminder that with a little bit of optimism, determination and kindness with ourselves, we can achieve our goals and dreams.

On the 23rd of October 2007, Thomas woke-up in the ICU, not understanding what exactly had happened. The brave South African was living with his folks in Northcliff at the time, and took a bullet to his chest and had many stab wounds after fighting off the criminals who had broken into his home.

“The bullet missed my heart by 1mm because of my heart contracting at the moment it passed through. The shell collapsed my lung and skimmed my spine; the bone fragments pierced my spinal cord leaving me paralysed from the chest down.”

They had to remove a third of his lung, and as a result, Thomas ended up with 67 staples in his back. The stab wound to his head with a screwdriver was not deep enough to cause any damage and only left him with six staples. He was in ICU, general ward and then Rehab for three months.

“I had to learn to adapt and live from a wheelchair with no real balance because I basically lost my whole core.”

Going from being on the rugby field, in the gym, going to Kickboxing, riding Superbikes and Jetskis to lying in a hospital bed learning to sit up all over again was a body and mind destroyer for Thomas. Losing the will to live happened, and that is no place he ever would want anyone to be in.

“A time I would never have made it through without my Girlfriend (now my wife), my Family, my Faith and most importantly, God!

It’s been 13 years since the miracle happened. The miracle where God saved my life and the bullet missed my heart by 1mm as it contracted… the miracle that I have got a second chance to live, the miracle that my girlfriend who went through the fire with me and carried me when I couldn’t anymore is now my wife and the miracle that led to many miracles and blessings down the line that I would never have imagined. My family, my friends and the two most important and incredible miracles that again are actually as a matter of fact ‘really a miracle’.”

Watch the Carte Blanche insert here:

Sources: Darren Thomas 
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